The Transformation

I loved licking the underside of his head. He had a way of moaning and letting his body jolt when I do it. I just keep licking like an ice cream cone at that point. Heavy laps of the tongue. He would keep on going, gasping and letting a little bit of cum inch out. When I tasted it, I would rest the flat part right against the part of his head that met in the middle, against that little canyon that I loved to press my bottom lip against.

Kimmie was helping too. She kept on slowly sliding her tongue across his shaft, and that just made him seep out a bit more. I loved it. She did the work and I got the prize. I guess it was kind of unfair, but you weren’t going to see me complaining about it. You should have seen his face when she took the right side of his balls into her mouth. Oh… His eyelids shot open like someone had spilled cold water down his back. I had never seen him react like that.

“Oh, do you like that, Aaron?” I asked. I don’t even waste time. I sink down right next to Kim. I feel her shoulder press against mine as I rest on my knees next to her, and then I take the other side of him in my mouth. His cock springs forward, hardening even further and standing straight north like a compass. We both dance along it, our lips touching when we meet in the middle.

That’s when he grabs Kimmie. He pulled her up by the hair and doesn’t waste any time. He bent her over and placed her hands on the bed. He moved behind her, tapping the inside of her thighs with his sword, motioning for her to open up. She does, and as soon as he can, he placed himself into her. I could tell he was trying to hold back. He does this thing when he is about to come and doesn’t want to. He enters you and freezes, sort of like he is riding the wave of pleasure as much as he can. He closes his eyes and lets out a sigh. I’ve seen him do it so many times. I always feel a little bit of cum rush into me. Maybe just a few little pearls. I like to think it happened then with Kimmie as well. It looked really beautiful, especially when she looked back and began begging him to fuck her hard.

It didn’t take long for him to ride it out, either. After about forty seconds or so, he started really hammering her. Kimmie is so small. Her tiny frame looks like a fraction of how big Aaron is. He was thrusting forward and pulling her back at the same time, and she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

“God, yes! Don’t stop that! Keep going!”

He didn’t stop. I think he may have went a bit faster. Her body looked like a blur. I could see a bit of drool drip out of her open mouth. It was really intense. I don’t think I had ever seen Aaron so ramped up, but this was the first time with both of us, so I suppose it is to be expected. But he looked different than before. A haze of lust seemed to be coming directly from him, filling the entire room, and getting worse with each entrance and exit of Kimmie’s slit.

I could hear her wet skin slapping against his. I could see her knuckles tightening while she held the tuffs of blanket in her grasp. It was an amazing sight. I had never seen another women get fucked in front of me, especially with such force and emotion that Aaron was showing right then. He was an animal. A primal beast. I kept on staring until Kimmie started telling him that she was coming. She lifted her head back, and he grabbed a tighter hold of her mane, gripping it tight and snapping her head backwards until she was practically looking up at him, her hips moving in small circles as she finished up on his cock.

She slipped out of her and then immediately came to where I was laying. He grabbed a hold of both of my ankles and began to spread them without even giving me so much as a nod of acknowledgement. His cock was already soaked with Kimmie’s fluids. It slipped inside of me like nothing.

I felt like I was being split open. His hands held me spread while he entered me, and he didn’t start slow with me either. He just pressed forward and started pounding me. I reached up and grabbed the back of his head, letting the small hairs of his scalp tickle my palm as I pulled him in for a passionate kiss. You don’t know what that feels like until it happens to you, to have someone kiss you so sweetly while at the same time taking claim of your insides with their stiff member. I could feel him piercing my back wall, and the pain and pleasure mixed together in an ungodly showing of lust and magic.

That is when I felt Kimmie’s tongue. She had laid down next to me, and began to lap away at my cheek. It was almost too much. When I felt her soft, pink tongue begin to slowly lick up and down my right ear, that is when it came. I squirted out on him. I covered him from his abdomen down to his thighs. I kept on spraying as he kept on thrusting forward. It worked almost like a pump, and each new movement let out a new stream of my cum to cover his sword.

He pulled out then. He scuttled up towards where both of our faces lay. I was still trying to recover from such a hard fucking and Kimmie was still licking my face when I felt the first hot rope of cum spray me. Then the second. That is when we both opened our mouths, and we accepted him. Once he was done, he let out another low groan as he watched over the two of us, me with my fingers pushing in sticky streams of cum into my mouth, and Kimmie continuing to lick up the mess that he had left on my face.

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