The Reward

Natalie sat in her cage like a good little girl. She was told to sit in there quietly when there were guests around the house. She could hear their murmurs through the hallway, an occasional laugh would break through, but she tried not to pay too much attention to it. When she did, she felt her heart begin to pound and her brow begin to get slick with sweat. She didn’t want her makeup to run. Mr. and Mrs. Clark had told her that she needed to look presentable.

She was almost frozen like that until Mr. Clark came in. He was wearing a white button-down with black slacks. He was smiling and running his hand over his hair while he spoke to her. You could see the excitement in his body if you looked closely. He bounced on the balls of his feet like he was walking on air.

“They are ready for you,” he said. “You look nice. They’ll like that. Come on. Present yourself.”

She nudged forward and leaned towards the bars. As soon as the door was open, his hand clasped the loop that hung from the front of her collar. Once the leash was fastened, he tugged on it once and she began to crawl out, her tits hanging and swaying with each movement her body let out.

Natalie crawled through the hall into the sitting room. That is where the guests were entertained. The Clarks usually reserved their private usage of her to their bedroom, but that wasn’t big enough to accommodate guests. They always seemed to have someone that wanted to see Natalie for herself. She was stunning. She stood around 5’2, and she didn’t weigh a single pound over 120. Her body was shaped with large breasts and hips, and strawberry blonde hair had a way of always falling over one of her eyes, giving her a look of mystery.

Yes, she was really a sight to look at. But Mr. Clark would always add that she looked REALLY good when she was on all fours.

“She has a way of drawing you in like that,” he would tell his friends or acquaintances. “You couldn’t resist if you tried. She looks like she is going to suck the soul out of you.”

But she didn’t look like that right then. When she went around the corner, and saw all of them standing there, drinks in hand and laughing, she thought it was strange. She expected them to be naked, in the very least. But it was as if it was perfectly normal, as if her naked frame and her collared neck belonged there with them.

“Here she is, guys,” Mr. Clark said. He half sung it, so that it rung out distinctly over the chatter in the room. They all stopped what they were doing and took a look. An excited cheer rose up from them.

Natalie could finally get a look at all of them. They began to circle towards her, They all were really handsome. and they all looked like they were in really good shape as well. The Clarks had been very forthcoming when talking about this night earlier in the week. Mrs. Clark made sure that Natalie knew that she had personally picked out the clientele for this event herself. It was something she felt was like a reward. She knew what needs a woman like Natalie had to meet. After seeing the group that she had selected, Natalie agreed. This was something right up her alley.

“Hi boys!” she said. Her high pitched voice stuck out in the room too. Especially when they answered back with their hellos. It was obvious now the dynamics of what was going to transpire very shortly. Natalie let out a small giggle as Mr. Clark unhooked her collar and leaned over one more time to speak into her ear.

“Have fun, girly,” he said.

Then he walked away, joining his wife’s side to watch what was next.

Gary, a tall blonde with tattoos covering his arms was the first to approach. His cock bounced with each step towards her, and he simply nestled it against her right tit for a couple of seconds before slapping it down repeatedly. Soon, Thomas joined in. Thomas used to play on a practice squad for an NFL team. He didn’t disclose it with the Clarks, but he told one of the guys before Natalie’s arrival that it was a New York one, and that he would have made the full roster had he not blown his knee out. He looked like he wasn’t joking either. His dark, muscular frame looked amazing against Natalie’s pale skin. He didn’t hesitate to place his cock directly into her mouth, shuddering when her tongue began to slowly stroke against his shaft. She was skilled. He didn’t expect her to be so willing and able. People always think that Natalie would become a bit timid once shown what she was getting into, but that was never the case. She was always willing and able to please.

That is when the other men decided it was time to join in. There was ten in all. They varied in size and shape. Some of them had a bit of a spare tire. Ones had completely shaved genitals while others had little patches of hair at their base. They all were hard. They lined up in a semi-circle around her tiny tiny body, their cocks surrounding her, almost like the center of a clock.

She didn’t hesitate with them either. She went right down the line. The next cock after Thomas went in and she was able to deep throat it. Her chin pressed against the soft skin of his scrotum, and he let out a gasp of wonder, pondering how she was able to get him down her little throat so easily. The next one got the same treatment. This one felt her slide him down her gullet and when her button nose came in contact with his abdomen, he started to thrust his hips forward, fucking her open mouth while she hung it open for him. Before she knew it, the next one was grabbing her face and performing the same action. She no longer needed to put in the extra effort, just let her mouth hang open and allow the party to have their fun at their own will.

Soon, Gary couldn’t wait any more for his turn, so he knelt behind her and began pushing her shoulders until she finally lowered down to all fours. That is when he entered her. He was so excited that he could barely get his hands to stop shaking, but once he felt his head enter her, he felt a calmness flood over his skin. He didn’t even bother starting slow. Not with a slut like Natalie. She was built for this kind of shit. That is what he kept repeating in his head while he felt his balls slapping her clit. He heard her sexy little moans escaping through her throat, even while the man in front of her bucked inside of her mouth as hard as Gary was fucking her pussy. The one in the mouth doesn’t last long. He holds the back of her head tight against his body, trapping her as he unloads the contents of his balls, keeping his head pressed against the lining of her throat while he comes.

Gary sees this and he can’t hold back. He comes inside of her pussy right then. He freezes about half way through, letting her lips and walls massage him momentarily before fucking hard again, feeling the last bit exit his cock before passing her off to another one to use.

This goes on for a bit longer. They keep lining up and fucking her until it is time to unload a nice fat load onto or inside of her body. Most choose the warm confines of her snatch to empty their seed. How could they resist? Natalie would smile so big when they were inside of her. Like she was at an amusement. But instead of smiling at the thrill of a roller coaster, she was grinning until they felt that tingle run through their bodies before their toes would begin to curl. You can’t say one could really blame them for wanting to come in that predicament.

The last one was Thomas, the football player. The last two before him had decided that Natalie belonged on her knees, begging for their loads while they each pumped their rods above her smiling face. They come simultaniously, their ropes hitting along her cheeks until they cross along the bridge of her nose. That is when Thomas walks up and shoots a rope of his own that hits her directly on the chin and then dangles down between her cleavage. The second and third hit her on the cheek and then her closed right eye respectively. Thomas ran a hand gently through her hair, careful not to get any spunk on his hand, and gives her a smile before walking away.

Once the last man has came, Mr. Clark came back over and clasps her collar to his leash again. Mrs. Clark came up from behind him and dipped down, kissing Natalie on her cum soaked lips, licking them in the process, before letting Mr. Clark take Natalie away.

“Good girl,” she said.

Then, it is the crawl back down the hall and into the cage again. Mr. Clark doesn’t bother cleaning off his pet. Why should he? He knows she enjoys basking in the filth of the evening, and he figures that he can always have her wash herself before bed. As he closes the door, he smiles down on her from the other side of the bars.

“I’m so proud of you tonight, Kitten. Would you like to do this again next weekend? Maybe with fifteen next time?”

Natalie grins, small drops of cum running down her cheeks. “Yes Master, I would love that!”

He doesn’t say anything as he exits the room. Once he is gone, Natalie sits quietly and awaits for him to return, making sure to be a good girl, and always be ready for what Mr. and Mrs. Clark have in store.

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