Laundry Day in a Freeuse World

I was just looking at the timer on the washing machine when I thought I heard the outside door slam. It struck me as odd because it was around noon and only I usually did my laundry during that time. I looked at my watch to make sure I hadn’t let things slip by that badly. It read 12:07… I figured I was hearing things and then picked my book back up.

It had been a boring day. Slow news day on top of nothing good on TV or Netflix. Tom had left before we could even have our usual morning fun, and dropping the kids off had been uneventful. I hated days like this. I heard the buzzer ring on the dryer and I put a fold in the page where I was at and then walked over with my basket and started pulling out clothes.

That’s when I heard the laundry room door… That was distinct enough. It had long ago had rocks shoved into the weather stripping along the bottom and it had this strange way of screeching as it closed. It always made my nerves jump on edge.

I jumped this time and looked behind me, my head still halfway in the machine and my thoughts mostly still focused on grabbing handfuls of clothing when I see them. Two young guys, one I hadn’t seen before, the other one began to make my heart flutter.

“See, I knew she would be here. I told you it was gonna be worth skipping a class for,” Hunter said. “I came in here a couple of weeks ago and found her. She looks like she is already asking for it too, with her ass in the air like that.”

I blushed as I resumed taking the clothing out of the machine. I remembered Hunter very well. I had thought about him a couple of nights before this happened. He had come in the laundry room a couple of weeks ago and fucked my brains out while he held my head against the bulletin board. He whispered in my ear the entire time, telling me he had seen me weeks before that and had been trying to see where he could get me alone. He didn’t like people watching him. That was one of the problems with Freeuse if you still had a touch of modesty.

“I made her come super easily too… I think that’s what I liked most about her. I’m telling you, Sam, nothing beats older pussy that gets wet like that still.”

I felt Hunter’s hands on my ass. He was rough, digging his fingers in and pulling my cheeks apart. He kept on talking to Sam, showing me off to his buddy,

“She is just amazing. You need to feel inside of her. I swear, her old man must have at her all the time.”

“Yeah, you’re right. She is amazing. I can see how big her tits are from here. And she does have a great ass. What do you do for workouts, lady? Yoga or weights? This looks like weights of some kind.”

I opened my legs a bit wider so I don’t come off as rude. They both began probing me. I was only wearing some thin leggings, a big Ohio State shift that my husband has, and some flip-flops. I didn’t even bother with panties that day. I kept on pulling things out while they inspected me. I felt Hunter’s familiar fingers begin to play across my clit.

When I moved to the folding table, they both begin slapping their cocks across my ass as they pull my leggings down. I feel a rush of excitement as I keep on folding my clothes. I think Sam is about as big as Hunter, if not bigger. I don’t really mind my Hubby’s size, as he is really good with what he has, but sometimes I do like to be filled up by bigger guys. The way the two of them played with my body before entering me was so incredible. I was glad that Hunter had come back and really glad that he brought Sam.

Then one of them was in me. I realized it was Sam because Hunter came to my side and pulled my right hand down to his cock, making me stroke it while his friend started to fuck me. He was rough with me. Rougher than even Hunter had been before.

“Shit, she is so tight,” Sam said. That is when he grabbed my hair and pulled it tight, making me arch my back as he began ramming into me. My hand flew across Hunter’s cock, and I felt his unit already spewing out some precum while his friend pulled tighter on my hair.

He made me come so easily. I can’t tell you how good he felt. I don’t know if his friend’s build-up had excited him or what, but he really fucked me mercilessly. Then I was passed to his friend. Hunter started slower than Sam. He entered me and held my body close, playing with my clit as he began to kiss my neck.

“Uh, shit man. She makes me wanna worship that pussy. Holy fuck. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought you here. I should have been greedy. Oh well…”

That was when Hunter took me just like Sam did. They both would just pound away. It made a mess of the floor, because each time they made me come, I would squirt out rivers of my own cum. They both cheered me on. I smiled at the two of them when they flipped me over and had their way while I laid across the folding table. They had finally pulled my shirt off and Sam was fucking my tits while Hunter kept on battering my insides with his young cock.

They both came almost at the same time. Sam’s load came out and hit me right under the chin before I felt Hunter begin to flood my insides. I licked at Sam’s head and sucked out what he had in him before they both said their goodbyes and I kept on going about my business. I was so glad the entire day wasn’t so boring.

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