How I Discovered That I Liked Talking Dirty

Back in 2006, the emo culture was in full swing, and I had the biggest crush on alternative guys. I know emo kids got a lot of shit back then, and I still see it sometimes now, but there was something about them that just made me feel so excited. I think it was a mix of things: the gatekeeper style way they handled their scene and their styles of music, the way they mostly seemed really thoughtful and soft-spoken, and last but not least, the way they wore their jeans so fucking tight that you could see the outline of their cocks if they had a decent sized one.

I met one when I was a freshman in college while working part-time at a call center. His name was Tony (for the purpose of this story ;D). He had sat next to me one Saturday and I was clenching my pussy while making small talk with him. This was before I was really open about sex like I am now, as I grew up in a kind of sheltered environment, so flirting at work back then was one of my hugest turn-ons. He seemed to pick up on it right away and made sure to return the volleys that I knocked into his side of the court.

After a few weeks, he had asked me to hang out with him and we hooked up right away, but that isn’t the story that I want to share with you about him. This guy, probably unbeknownst to him, had helped awaken one of my hugest turns ons, and that happened probably a month into us dating/fucking.

I had invited him over to watch some movies in my bedroom, which was a standard date for us. We were both in school, fairly broke most of the time, and under 21 in a college town, so there wasn’t much for us to do except fucking all the time. This guy was always hard, and when he would spend the night at my house I would wake up with his cock constantly pressed against the back of my thighs or my ass. All I had to do was touch it and he would spring to life and we would start going at it like bunnies. It was like having sex on tap 24/7. So a night of movies often consisted of us watching about a quarter of it before the groping got to be too much and we would start screwing.

This time I had something planned. I had this weird thing that was kind of annoying me. I hadn’t been with too many guys before him, maybe like three, but they all had come from just me giving them head. This one never, and I mean *never* did. He didn’t even seem to come close. I would go to town on him, and he would just lay there and make little noises until he would pull me off and flip me over to eat me out or start fucking me. I guess it is weird if you haven’t been in that position before, but I started to doubt myself with how good I was at pleasuring him.

I ended up talking about it with one of my roommates, Beth (we will call her here), and she said it wasn’t a big deal. She gave me a few pointers like corkscrewing my head and using my hands. She also pointed out some things like touching his balls but not being too forceful as some guys were really sensitive and didn’t like it. It was a really knowledgeable approach to cock sucking that I had never really known about before.

So this night I was so game to try out all this new shit that Beth had told me about that when we started groping I immediately pulled him out of his pants started with giving him little kisses along his length. I ended up going all the way down to his scrotum while he rested his cock on my face. I could see his eyes widen from under his blond, side-swept bangs as he felt me doing all new things to his member.

“Daniele… What are you… Oh…”

Tony never had been much of a talker when we had sex. He wasn’t completely quiet, but he never really did much in bed besides the complimentary, “I’m gonna come,” so that I would know. But now he seemed to be *really* vocal as I did all the new tricks that I had been taught.

“Dani… Fuck… Right there. Yeah, that spot. Oh, fffff… Fuck… That feels so good baby. So *good*…”

I looked up at him and when I locked eyes I felt his cock clench and his balls begin to move inside my palm. I pulled him out and began to drag his head over my parted lips.

“Oh, does that feel good?” I said, not letting my eyes break from his. “I think I like making you feel good.”

That’s when I saw his eyes widen. I knew what was coming before he could even respond, and I did my part in taking him as far down my throat as I could hold him. I did little tiny bobs while having him in there, making sure that my tongue was moving the best it could like I had been instructed to do, but it was starting to prove a bit difficult right then to focus on everything that Beth had told me to try.

It didn’t matter though. He let out a really low growl and then I felt his cum begin to flood my mouth and throat. I had never had cum in my mouth before, and at first, I started to pull away, but seeing his reaction to seeing me pumping away at his cock as it blasted ropes out of him, I couldn’t help myself, I bent down and began to lick up everything that came pouring out. I did it nice and exaggerated, letting strands of it hang from my mouth. It tasted strange and had the weirdest texture, almost like watered down tapioca pudding but just seeing him squirm and knowing that I was able to get him to come just from using my mouth was enough.

But apparently, it wasn’t enough for *him*… Once I had licked up everything and swallowed it all down, he grabbed a hold of my hair and then began positioning me onto my back. I was confused. I honestly expected us to lay back down and finish watching Nacho Libre, but Tony was on top of me before I knew it, positioning his cock at my entryway down below.

“What… I just made you come…?” I said. I was genuinely confused, and I expected him to go to half-mast any second, but once I felt him press into me, I noticed that his dick was as hard as it was before I had sucked him off.

“No, I’m going to *fuck* you.” I heard that and I felt myself get so excited. It took my breath away hearing him say something so lewd to me. “You need to get fucked.”

He initiated rapidly, getting my wet lips around him and making sure that it wouldn’t be tugging or pulling before he started ramming me. I could feel my body sliding along the bed with each thrust, he was going so hard, and I was a bit shocked because Tony was a pretty small guy. But he was so motivated right then. He grabbed my legs and held them forward, folding me in half.

“Is this what you wanted?” he said. “You like having cum in your mouth? You like being treated like a dirty little slut, don’t you?”

“Oh, Tony,” I said. I couldn’t even wrap my head around what was going on. He was so forceful and dominant right then… It made me feel like *I did* want more. I wanted so much more. Usually, I would be offended if someone called me a slut, but this was different, this felt strangely exciting.

“That’s right, take that cock like that little slut you are.”

I felt my knees rocking then and I tried to tell him that I was going to come but my heart leaped in my throat and I couldn’t say anything. The only thing I could do was reach down and begin to rub my little bean, and he saw that I was coming and he let out the biggest grin ever.

“You like that, don’t you? My little slut. I guess I am going to have to treat you like *my little slut* more often.”

I came harder than I have ever come in all my life. I let out a series of moans that sounded like a foreign language to me. As soon as I felt the wave subside I felt him flooding me again. I kept on thinking that this wasn’t possible, that there was no way that we could get to that moment like we just did, and that this must be all some sort of dream. But it was real. I felt him squeeze out the last of his load into me and then he let go of my legs and took himself out of me, laying on my body while we both caught our breaths.

He was the first to speak. He lifted his head and gave me a smile.

“Where did that come from?”

“I don’t know. I guess it just has always been there.”

“Let’s do that some more?”

I smiled as I leaned down, kissing him on the forehead and eyelids.

“Sure sweetie, but let’s wait a little while longer, okay?”

We both laughed as we cuddled and continued to watch the rest of the movie. But, since that day, I always get so turned on when people talk dirty with me.