Used In The Alley By A Group Of Men And Loving It

Jenny Nakamura was wondering if he would be there. She had tried walking down the alley a couple of times before during the week, and he wasn’t. Each time she had gotten dressed up and she felt like it was starting to become a waste of time.

*Maybe he doesn’t hang out there anymore?* she thought as she got to the entryway of the alley. While she was getting tired of getting her hopes up, she also wanted to try one more time before she called it quits and found a new spot to walk home through.

She had dressed up *really* slutty. To play off her Asian ancestry, she had donned a sailor outfit this time. A tiny Japanese schoolgirl… Who wouldn’t be excited when they saw that? For someone as hard up as Jenny had become, she was hoping that once it was on display that it would give some extra motivation.

This time he was there… And he wasn’t alone this time. There were three other men with him. Jenny felt her heart begin to race as she made out the outline of Terrence. He was on his stool that he kept outside to sit on while he smoked cigarettes and the occasional cigar. This time he had a small card table unfolded in front of him. On it was a set of dominoes, and to each side of the table were other men, each one with a bottle of beer in front of them. They all were laughing and joking while they played, and Jenny felt her folds begin to clench as she approached them. Terrence wasn’t even the first one to see her. His back was to her as another gentleman who looked to be in his 30s saw her coming. He quickly tapped the man next to him, and then the rest of the table turned, looking her over as she smiled at them.

“Hey guys, what are you doing?” she said, smiling as she and Terrence finally locked eyes.

“Jenny,” Terrence said. “I missed you baby.”

She sat down on his lap and began to rub herself along his huge length. She turned her head and they locked lips and then began to swirl their tongues around the others in the open air. The others just sat there, watching. Jenny started grinding into him, lifting her skirt as she did so, revealing that she was bare underneath it. Terrence let out a soft moan when he looked down and saw her naked cheeks resting on his sweat pants.

“Is this the girl that you have been talking about?” one of them said. He looked like the youngest of the bunch, probably in his mid-20s and built like a house. He had a shaved head and a goatee, and Jenny looked at him and felt her lips become even more soaked.

“Yeah, this is Jenny,” Terrence said. “We met… Oh… I think about a month ago. Walking through this alley. Now she can’t get enough of me, right?”

“That’s right Daddy, I need you. I kept coming and looking for you, but you weren’t here.”

“Sorry, sweetie. Daddy was busy. Maybe I should make it up to you?”

He reached around her tiny frame and put her privates in his palm. He pressed down and then began to rub her as he licked her neck and face. She was looking at the other guys as he did so.

“What are your names?” she said, appearing very nonchalant as Terrence moved from her pussy to her ample tits.

“I’m James,” the young one said.

“I’m Lamar,” the one who first spotted her said.

“Jakwon,” the last one said. He was cute, but he also looked really uncomfortable. He looked around Terrence’s age, and they both shared the same style of hair, short Afros that were well trimmed and shaped. He had a pick sticking out of his.

Jenny didn’t answer them. She leaned back and arched as Terrence began to stick his fingers inside of her.

“Fucking tight little bitch,” he said. “She is so fucking tight, fellas. I can barely get two fingers in her. But she loves it. She loves getting stretched the fuck out. You guys wanna see?”

Lamar and James practically screamed yes, but Jakwon sat there with a strange look on his face. Jenny then felt Terrence’s cock resting against her bottom. She lifted herself up momentarily before positioning him along her canyon, sliding up and down his length.

“She lets you do whatever you want?” James asked.

“Yeah,” Terrence said, freeing himself from his sweats and sticking his cock into her waiting hole. He felt and saw her quiver when he entered, and he grabbed a handful of her hair and started pumping inside her from the bottom. “She loves it. She called it Freeuse. Tell the boys what that means, sweetie.”

“It means… Free to use…”

The guys let out whistles and cheers then. All except Jakwon. She noticed that he wasn’t looking away, but he also seemed like he was a bit apprehensive compared to the other guys.

“That’s right. I get to use this bitch whenever, however and do whatever. Shit is a fucking dream. She is so needy too. Aren’t you sweetie? Show them how needy you are.”

Terrence was really fucking her now. He was thrusting up and feeling his balls slap against her clit. She was panting when she blurted out the next statement.

“Fuck… I need one of you in my mouth now. Come on. You can use me too.”

James didn’t need a second invitation. He was up and stroking himself as he walked around the card table and stuffed himself in her waiting mouth. He stood there, letting her work on his shaft for a couple of seconds before she took him all the way into her throat. He felt so good right then. He couldn’t help but grab her by her long black hair and then he started pumping his hips in her as he stepped out of his jeans and let them fall to the floor.

Lamar was next. He stood next to her and placed her hand on his sword and she began to stroke him like a good little girl. He looked over at Terrence and they exchanged high fives while Jenny serviced all of them.

“You always hook it up, man,” Lamar said. “That why I love fucking with you.”

“So are we gonna keep playing?” Jakwon said. He placed his dominoes down and sat back in his chair, waiting for an answer from the group.

“Sure, yeah, let me go real quick,” Terrence said. He didn’t stop fucking her though. He simply picked up his hand from the table and looked over his bones, picking out the right one and then placing it down on the table. He then stood up, and he and James began to use Jenny’s tiny frame like a seesaw, gliding her on both of their poles. Lamar let Jenny let go of his member and then went towards her face, grabbing her hair and helping her slide down his friend’s cock before pulling her away from it, placing her open mouth on his head and hammering into her throat. She accepted him so easily, and he felt the spit and goop from her gullet coating his cock and balls and he felt like he was in heaven.

“Oh… Such a messy blowjob bro. Such a dirty little slut, bro.”

He had closed his eyes and was enjoying her encasing him. He felt like he was in heaven. All the dirty things that Terrence had told him about didn’t prepare him for this. This was almost too much.

That’s when he felt it happen. Lamar tried to stop it for a split second, but then his brain kept telling him, *fuck it*, and he let his cum go shooting from his body into Jenny’s throat. She didn’t pull back or anything. She froze her body and let his goo come drip into her body and she savored it. Her eyes closed slightly as she stared up at him, and he let out soft coos as he let the pleasure erode his calm demeanor.

James came back into her sight and stuck his cock into her mouth. She tasted Lamar and James at the same time now, and she felt her body begin to convulse as Terrence started fucking her harder.

“See what I mean,” Terrence said as he looked over at Lamar, who was holding his spent cock in amazement as he kept staring at his buddies continue on without him. “She’s so good at sucking dick. She’s good at taking dick in her pussy. In her asshole. She’s small, but damn, she is a dirty little slut.”

The other two men felt close right there. Terrence stopped halfway inside of her and then felt himself begin to unload. Then, James felt the same sensation while he began to bust another load into her cum soaked mouth. He pulled himself out when he got about halfway through, holding her by the hair as he painted along her face. She smiled up at him, enthusiastic about having his cum on her face while having Terrence’s cum in her pussy. Both finished and took a step back, admiring the sight of her as she used to back of her hand to push the cum that trailed down her chin into her greedy mouth.

That’s when she turned her attention to Jakwon. standing as she began speaking to him.

“Are you sure you don’t want anything?” she asked. She batted her eyelashes and pouted her lips. “What’s wrong? You don’t know if you can handle it?”

Jakwon let out a grunt before smiling and setting his cell phone down on the table. He stood up and walked around the table to Jenny, talking as he made his way over.

“You really think,” he said, “that I couldn’t handle a little bitch like you? Maybe I just wanna play some fucking dominoes, you ever think that?”

Jakwon had pulled his cock out right then. He was long and thick. He had a pool of precum already dripping down his shaft. He grabbed Jenny by the hair and pulled her to the ground, on her back. He roughly spread her legs as he positioned himself at her soaked pussy. She was breathing heavy and biting her lip, waiting for the moment when he would enter her.

“This is what you need, isn’t it?” he asked her. His lips were right next to her ear, and he was talking in a way that made Jenny feel her pussy getting swollen and wet again. She tried to reach down so that she could rub it, and relieve some of the tension that was building in her, but he grabbed her wrist and brought her arm over her head, pinning her with one hand while his free on held his sword near her entrance.

He stuck himself inside and held himself halfway in. When he pulled himself out his cock was coated with a white film that pooled around his hand when he stroked himself and splattered on the floor when he flicked his hand towards the ground. The next time he entered her he stayed still for a couple of seconds before bucking inside of her.

He fucked her harder than any of the other ones. He was rough and he pressed his weight all the way into her so that she could feel him filling her up when he bottomed out in her. Her lips began to quiver and sweat began pouring down her forehead. Jakwon ripped her top in half, then he pulled her breasts out of her bra and began roughly fondling them. When he started slapping them back and forth was when she had enough. She started coming, and when she tried to open her mouth and tell him, nothing came out but gibberish. She felt like she had been fucked completely stupid.

When he pulled out and shot his load, it stretched all the way up to her chin, it was so much. He jerked himself and unloaded the biggest mess that Jenny had ever seen. When he was done, he smiled at her, got back to his feet, and then put himself back into his pants.

“There. Now you motherfuckers want to finish the game? I want a chance to win my money back.”

He went back to his chair and sat down before taking a swig of beer. His friends followed too, picking up their pieces while Jenny gathered up her things. She smiled and winked at Terrence as she walked off, feeling the cum in and on her body while it began to dry on her pale skin.

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