Built To Be Fucked

Dean and Gary were still a bit drunk. It had been a long night, and after the booze had run out at the party, they decided to stay and smoke with the girls. Samantha had spent almost the entire night on Dean’s lap, but when the sun started to rise, she said she had to get home to get ready for her shift at work. It was frustrating, but there wasn’t much he could do about it.

“I told you she is a cock tease,” Gary said. He was drinking from a water bottle, spitting occasionally on the sidewalk as he tried to wash out the taste of smoke and whiskey. “She does that all the time.”

“You don’t know shit. You think everyone is a cock tease because you never get any.”

It was Dean who saw her first. They turned a corner so that they could cut through the university housing to get to Gary’s apartment. The street was completely void of people except for a woman. She was sitting at the bus stop, with her legs straight out in front of her. She was wearing the kinkiest outfit the boys have ever seen in real life. Dean had only thought women dressed up like that in pornos, but as he got closer, he saw that there was one, in the flesh, with her head to the side as she stared forward, unmoving.

“Do you think she’s okay?” Gary asked.

The boys had stopped in front of her and were looking over her now. She was tiny compared to both of them. She was a Latina, with a petite body and handfuls for breasts. Her legs were long and tanned, and her bottoms were small shorts that seemed to barely cover her. Her hair was a deep black and her lips were a bright red.

“She, or it?” Dean asked.

Gary was confused by the question. He took a half step forward and gently placed his hand on the woman’s leg.

“Ma’am?” he said, gently.

When his fingers touched her fishnet covered legs, she sprang up, her lips turning into a smile as she leaned forward and began to run her hands over Gary’s chest and thighs.

“Oh, are you here to play with me?” she asked. Her voice was thick with lust and she began to slowly let her fingers meet along with Gary’s now growing erection. “Are you here to fuck me…?”

“What the…” Gary jolted back, his heart jumping in his chest. The moment his hand left her thigh, the woman sank down into the bus bench again, her body becoming limp and formless.

Dean began to laugh. “I knew it. She isn’t a woman. It’s one of those sexbots. She’s probably straight from the assembly line in Japan.”

Gary looked down at her again and shook his head.

“No way dude. Look at her. There’s no way she isn’t real.”

“I mean, she’s definitely real. But not human. Look at her. I’ve read about these things. Some have settings like this. You can position them any way you want and go to town. Not just that, apparently they are self-lubricating.”

The words were flying through Gary’s head, but he was still having trouble processing them.

“Who the fuck would leave something like that out here?” Gary asked. “She must be worth a fortune…”

“Probably one of those rich college kids out here dude. Mommy and daddy sent them money for books and they decided on this thing. Wonder if she was at a frat party last night and someone just left her there by mistake?”

Dean approached her this time. He placed his head on the top of her head and she sprang to life like before, this time running her hands over his body. He didn’t pull back like Gary though. He was too busy mixing this android’s looks with that of Samantha’s, and he could feel his cock pressing hard against his denim now.

“Oh, do I get two men right now?” the android said. “Two cocks inside of me? Or even just two loads. You don’t even have to put them inside. I’m made just for you two to use.”

“Good girl,” Dean said. “Whoever set you up made you the perfect little cock sleeve, didn’t they?”

“Yes sir, that’s what I’m here for.”

Dean unbuckled himself and jerked his cock out of the hole in his boxers. He could see the cum dripping out of it already, and he was excited as he pressed it against her lips. Once inside, he felt her warm and wet tongue begin doing the work for him. It felt nothing like he would figure it would. Not coldness or metal pressing on him. Just a wet hole that he could enjoy at his whim. He let out a sigh as the robot sank deeper down his shaft, deepthroating him while lapping her tongue against his scrotum.

“Fuck… You really were built for this, weren’t you…”

Gary watched on from behind, wondering if it was a good idea to be out in public and using this doll. But Dean looked like he was in heaven. His friend was letting out sighs and moans and he could hear the bot slurping and sucking. She sounded like she was making a mess of him. Gary felt his rod stiffening inside his own jeans, and he was wondering if he hurried if he could fuck this thing before anyone came and saw them.

Dean pulled his cock out, slowly, from her open mouth. When it came out fully from her wet hole, she licked the tip of it like it was an ice cream cone. He began to beat it against her tongue and her cheek, and she cooed her appreciation.

“All you were made for was this, isn’t it?” Dean asked. He was sweating bullets then. “Made for being fucked.”

“Yes, sir. That’s all I am good for.”

Dean shoved himself deep down her throat again. She spread her legs then, and Gary let his jaw drop as he looked down on her spread eagle in front of him. The tight shorts that she was wearing that day had a slit down the middle of them. The more she spread her legs wide, the more her pussy and asshole were exposed. They didn’t look fake either. Gary took two looks to each side of him before snaking out his penis through his zipper and approaching the doll with his member gliding back and forth in the wind.

Gary felt a warm lube encase him when he got inside the thing. She clamped around him, but it didn’t feel overly tight or painful. It felt like a tight girl who could clench her clam around him. He had been with those ones before. Each time he pumped he felt his balls begin to fill up a bit more. Meanwhile, Dean was now feeling her nose crash against the pelvis. Her drool was everywhere. It didn’t feel synthetic either. It felt and looked like true to life spit. It began to slowly roll down his right testicle and down between his balls and his asshole. That is when the first rope left his body. She smiled even with her mouth filled. He grabbed the back of her head and held her still as he pumped load after load into her fake throat. She hummed and her tongue began to slightly vibrate as she pressed it against his helmet, causing his body to spasm once more.

Gary had only begun to fuck her but she was too much. She was made for this, after all. He felt his balls rise in his scrotum and them he shot inside of it. She twisted her legs around his body and pressed him in so that his cock was pressed against her back wall. He felt her completely around him and he wanted to stay like that forever. He kept on coming too, oozing out a large puddle that collected inside of the artificial woman. He let his body stiffen as he let the last of it out, groaning as he ground his cock deep into the tight portal it had found.

The men stood and looked at one another. Each of them turned away from the other as they put themselves back together and zipped themselves up. The woman was no longer being touched, and she was now laying across the bench with a smile on her frozen face, cum still hanging from her cheek. Gary had thought of taking it home with him, but he felt an odd tremor slowly creep up his spine as he looked down again at the life-like doll, seeing life in it just moments before and now laying there inert.

“Come on, I need some breakfast and some sleep,” Dean said.

They walked off, leaving her there where they found her.

2 thoughts on “Built To Be Fucked

  1. I enjoyed the story and throughout it wondered if it was a live person acting as a sex bot. It would have been interesting to See her get up and leave the bench as the two were walking away. That’s another story

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