Madeline Gets A Job

Jason knew what the sound was before he stood up in his chair.

His mind tried to say it was something different. He had been working long hours and he felt like his brain turned to oatmeal for the hour prior. It couldn’t be that, he said to himself. He kept working, but the noise persisted, so he got up and walked around to find it’s origin.

It was coming from Tim’s cubicle. It was soft moaning, and it sounded muffled. Jason, unsure of what to do, tiptoed towards the opening to get a look inside. He felt his heart in his ears and his palms began to sweat. He wasn’t sure why he was feeling nervous, but he was. His stomach turned and banged against his insides.

He walked around the corner and saw them. Tim sat in his chair and the girl was bouncing on him, completely nude. Tim has his back to Jason slightly, so he didn’t see him, but the girl saw him immediately. She didn’t acknowledge his presence. She looked lost in what she was doing.

Jason began to put together the situation in front of him. He had gotten an email about this earlier in the month, but with the extra workload at the office, he had forgotten. The company had gotten these girls. This was the first one, and the rest would be rolled out through the rest of the month.

He knew her name was Madeline. He remembered that much. She was pale, with red hair that was cut very short and a mass of tattoos. Her green eyes pierced him. He felt it the moment they both locked eyes. Madeline gave him a small smirk after a couple of seconds later. She kept it on her face until Tim grabbed her hair and gave her a hard kiss on the lips.

“I want… to put my cock… in your mouth now,” Tim said. His face was pressed against hers while he spoke and he kissed her between words. “I want to put it in there but your pussy feels too good.”

But he did pull himself out then. Tim kept a hold of her hair and placed her on her knees in front of him and shoved himself into her mouth. She did her job well, taking it into her throat and holding it there while Tim made little movements with his hips.

Jason stood there and watched for a couple more seconds but he soon felt awkward. He shuffled his feet back to his desk and wondered what he just saw. He knew these Freeuse girls would be used in the office now, but at the same time, he wondered if this new lifestyle that was taking hold was a good thing or not. It looked like Tim was really enjoying it. Same with Madeline.

The moment he saw both of them embraced stayed with him the rest of that day too. The freedom and passion that they both seemed to have towards one another was gripping. Even when he laid down for bed, he kept on thinking of the look that Madeline gave him while Tim was using her body at his desk.

Then, the next day came.

This time Jason saw her in the hallway. He was on his way to his seat from using the restroom when he spotted her. She was with two women this time, Rachel and Emily. Emily was an older woman in her mid-forties, with shocks of grey that ran through her long, brown hair. Rachel was young, around twenty-four or so. She was blonde, with thick hips and blue eyes. Emily was standing over Madeline while she was on all fours. Mads had her mouth on Emily’s folds and clit, lapping away at her, while Rachel knelt behind the pale girl, fingering her pussy hard and fast.

“You see Rachel, it’s relaxing. I told you that this was going to be fun.”

“Yeah yeah, always with the ‘I told you so’ shit.”

“I’m just saying, you should listen to me more. I know what I am doing. I told you to go for Team Lead and you got it. I told you to share Mads here, and now look at us. She’s amazing. She’s got a magic tongue.”

Emily reached down and let her fingernails run lightly down Madeline’s chin while she continued to eat her out. Rachel bent down and took Mads in her mouth. She buried her face deep and began to lick as fast as she could. It tired her tongue but she was addicted to how Madeline reacted to her touch.

“Plus she likes it, Look how eager she is. She’s just the perfect little slut the for office. Even when the new ones come in I may stick with this one. I don’t know yet. I guess we will have to see what the other ones look like.”

They didn’t notice Jason. They were too wrapped up in their own business. He stood there like the day before. He stared and mainly focused on Madeline. There was something about her. He had seen the public sex recently, and he had taken in his fair share of peeking, but this woman stayed with him a lot stronger than the other ones he encountered. She seemed to melt into the wrinkles of his brain. He thought about her all night and morning, and now here she was, being fucked by two other coworkers.

“Did you need something, Jason?” Rachel asked while looking up at him from the floor. She was no longer eating out Madeline, but her right hand was still hammering away at Madeline’s now soaked pussy.

“Oh… No, sorry. Just passing through.”

“Okay, just let us know if you need help.”

She went back to licking Mads. Jason watched and listened for a couple of brief seconds and then shuffled away, doing his best to hide his growing erection. It was pressing hard against his slacks, making it hard to walk straight.

He got to the door of the floor and he stopped while he held the doorknob, listening to the women double teaming Madeline once again.

“I wonder if the management will get mad if we take her out to the smoking area?” Emily said. “I like multitasking, and I wanna get as much as I can out of my fifteen-minute breaks.”

“Yeah, maybe I can ask the managers about it?” Rachel said before dipping back down into the young girl’s honeypot.

Jason opened the door and rushed inside, hurrying to his seat and trying his best to focus on the tasks for the rest of the day.

The third day came and Jason was exhausted.

He only slept for about three hours in total. He kept on tossing and turning in bed, thinking of the past two days at work. Madeline’s pale skin stuck out in his mind. Her pink nipples and dark ink contrasted perfectly in his head. He kept on seeing flashes of it before his eyes.

He dreamed of fucking her in bed. The images rolled through his head. The look that she shot him while Tim was inside of her was what he held on to. He superimposed that face into his fantasy. She looked up at him like that when he finally came. He would paint her face and she would stay frozen like that.

When he pulled into the parking lot he kept on thinking to himself that he was going to ignore it. Jason told himself to push those feelings down as deep as he could. The further he would suppress them, the easier it would be, he thought. He filled his head with his daily tasks and itinerary. He had a meeting around 10 AM that would be a nice distraction. That would be enough.

He was doing well throughout the day. He made plans to go play basketball after work with Jonathan, and his weekly stats had gone up from the previous week, a rare dip, so by the time he got to his meeting, he was feeling grand.

Caitlin asked him to get some plates from the break room. She told him to take his time, They were going to set up the video conferencing and she didn’t want him to make noise when they had Colorado on the line. Jason was glad that everyone liked him so much at his job. He was going for a promotion that quarter and he knew that was going to help him.

He opened the door to the break room and there she was, sitting on the counter, her feet hanging off the side and swinging under her. She smiled and waved. The television was on and she was watching reruns of an old sitcom. This is where Madeline stayed when no one was with her. Management decided it was a good idea to keep her next to the coffee for now until they could clear out one of the break rooms.

Jason felt his mind dissolve. He forgot what he had come downstairs for momentarily. He just saw Madeline sitting there with her legs slightly spread and he stared until his eyes focused on her privates. He had obsessed over this moment for half the work week and he felt himself get the hardest erection he had ever gotten in his life. It actually hurt a bit, which had never happened before.

He practically sprinted to her. His cock was out halfway there. It was in his hand and he stroked it and he felt a huge amount of spunk come oozing out. He kissed her while he entered her. He was panting, and she was smiling. He grabbed her legs and held her under her kneecaps while he sped up.

Jason had never felt this before. Lust had overtaken him and it made him frenzied. He held his breath until he felt her around him. Her pussy was hot, wet, and inviting. He stepped forward and when he felt fully in her he ground down hard momentarily before slamming into her. He hammered hard. He’d never felt so good. She seemed like she liked it too because even though Mads just sat there smiling, her entry below was soaked, leaving Jason’s member messy.

Jason couldn’t possibly last that long. He had just put too much into this moment. But he didn’t care, and he saw that Madeline didn’t care either. She kept that grin on her face and she seemed to get happier as Jason pumped rope after rope into her. When she felt his body begin to go limp, she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in.

Jason let out a moan and held her close while she leaned into his neck and began whispering to him.

“Everyone thinks I took this job so that I could service them,” she said, “but if I can be honest with you, I do it so that I can let people come inside of me juuuuusssst like that… You think you are using me, but I am using you too…”

Jason laid in her for about a half-minute more before pulling back and zipping himself up. He went to the sink and washed his hands before grabbing up the plates from the cabinet and leaving the room. As he closed the door, he waved to Madeline, and she returned it before she went back to watching her show and Jason went back to his meeting.

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