This Quarantine Has Turned Us All Into Perverts

Jenny let the current episode on Netflix finish up before pressing the home button on her remote. Part of her wanted to sit there and let the autoplay do its job and fill the entire afternoon with the rest of the episodes in the show‘s docket, but she had lost interest an hour ago and had only been using the noise as background to her surfing Instagram. She looked over to her roommate, Olivia, who was sitting at the dining room table on her laptop with some earbuds plugged in. She had thought her friend was watching the show along with her, but it was then that she noticed that Olive seemed to be in her own little world.

“How did you like it?” Scott said as he entered from the hallway. He just finished bathing. He suggested the show to Jenny. He discovered it the night before while unable to sleep.

“It was great” Jenny lied. She prayed silently that he wouldn’t ask for details.

“Good,” he said.

Scott sat down on the couch next to Jenny and he let out a sigh. Although Scott had tried to be the most optimistic about this situation from the start, the isolation along with being cooped up was starting to get to him as well.

The three had been in quarantine for close to two months. All three had already been laid off from their jobs, and almost right after that, it was announced that the remainder of the school year would take place online. The first few weeks had been fun. They played board games. They exchanged books. They enjoyed one another’s company. But once they had run out of things to do, the boredom had started to do strange things to the occupants of the apartment.

Take Olivia for example. While it looked like she was simply looking over some notes for her final that was coming up, she actually was watching hardcore porn on her computer. She had been watching it nonstop for the past week. It had started as one video a day. Then that number grew and grew. You could easily compare it to the rate of the infected outside of the walls the three were living within. As that number grew, so did the amount of filth that Olivia took in. The missing touch from her boyfriend didn’t help the matter, as well as the creeping sensation that he, in fact, was sleeping with someone else through this ordeal.

The scene for Olivia was a gangbang. At that exact moment, a very tiny woman with dirty blond hair was being filled up in every hole. Olivia was leaning forward in her seat, her knees pressed hard against each other while she squeezed her folds around her clit. She read about the technique online. She had been doing it to hide how much she was masturbating from her roommates. She knew what she was doing was excessive, but she couldn’t help it. Social distancing was horrible.

Even with this newfound strategy, her roomies knew what she was doing. Jenny could hear her at night. Olive thought she was being quiet, but when she had her headphones in she didn’t know how loud she actually was. She was loud enough for Jenny to gather what she was doing. But it didn’t upset Jenny. She kind of liked it. No, not kind of. Jenny loved it. It wasn’t as good as picking up people at the bar, but it was something to work with. Jenny would use one hand on her ample breasts, alternating between nipples, while her other hand worked inside of herself. Scott would do the same thing too. He would hear both of them. Scott had excellent hearing. He hated being trapped in that small apartment with two beautiful girls. It wasn’t bad during the year when he was out at his girlfriend’s most of the time, but now every time he jerked off he was only thinking of what it would feel like to feel both of the girls’ mouths on his cock at the same time.

Scott and Jenny even suspected what Olivia was doing right then. They suspected but didn’t know for sure. But that was going to change very shortly.

Olivia was wearing a green and yellow flannel and she had her pack of Camels in the front pocket. But she didn’t look down when she went into her shirt to fetch them. So when her hand came out of her garment the pack of smokes got caught in a strange angle where the corner of the box caught the shirt just right. It slipped right out of Olivia’s hand and bounced off the table before slapping against the tile. Without thinking, Olivia leaned down to grab it, and that was the moment where the entire household came crashing down.

As Olivia’s head came low enough for her to grab her pack of cigarettes, the audio cable came out of the jack, causing the tiny living room to be filled with the sounds of the woman on the computer.

Olive did her best to scramble. She could feel herself fighting back tears as she began to bash on the keyboard, at first attempting to hit the spacebar but missing the first couple attempts. When she finally did get it stopped, she looked over at her friends and decided right then it would be better to die than to go through what she just went through.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “It’s just… I thought…”

Olivia let out a sigh and sank down in the chair she was sitting in. Scott looked at her green eyes then and saw how wonderful they really were. Jenny thought the way she pouted at that moment was cute. Olivia got up out of her chair and ran off into the kitchen after closing the shell to her computer. She needed a beer. That was going to the only way to survive this night, she thought to herself.

Jenny followed her. She entered the kitchen and saw Olive brushing back her brunette hair and cracking open a Coors. She didn’t look up as she drank it.

“I’m sorry. I know, you probably think I’m a perv. But I just feel really hard up with this lockdown.”

Jenny took a couple of steps closer to Olivia. She felt her pussy throbbing right then. Olivia looked up and noticed how close Jenny had suddenly gotten. Jenny was much taller, and she also had a more ample chest. She had the same hair color as the girl from the video Olivia was watching. Her blue eyes leered at Olivia while she spoke to her.

“It’s okay Olive, I understand. Everyone has needs. I just thought… You know…”

“What did you think?”

“I don’t know… I thought you were some prude or something. Now to find out you are watching porn in here… Much less out in public with me and Scott just sitting there… I mean, what should I think?”

“You don’t think I’m some kind of freak, do you?”

“I don’t know, Olive. Are you some kind of freak?”

Olivia had to think about that question. She didn’t think that was the case before. But now she didn’t know what to think. She couldn’t come up with an answer that she felt was right.

Maybe she didn’t know yet?

That was when she realized what Jenny was doing. She had her hand on Olivia’s lower back, and she was running her fingertips ever so softly over Olive’s shirt. When Olivia looked up into Jenny’s eyes, she felt Jenny’s palm begin to press into her, moving her forward towards Jenny.

The taller one was on her then. She had one hand on Olive’s ass and the other going up to her shirt, fondling her naked tit.

“Don’t even wear a bra?” Jenny growled into her mouth. “Fucking little slut. This is what you want, isn’t it?”

“Ohhhh… Ye… Ye…”

Olive couldn’t get it out. She was so close to climax already. Jenny was being rough with her. Taking her body in her palms and molding her like clay into the perfect tool to cure her isolation for the past few weeks. Jenny took over the role of hunter and Olivia gladly accepted being the prey, whimpering when Jenny lifted her shirt over her head and popped her nipple between her teeth.

Scott walked in and saw Jenny pulling away from Olivia slowly while her skin fell out of her mouth and he was on top of them too now. Jenny and Scott put the smaller girl between the two of them and both began to feel her up in conjunction. Olivia gave into it. She loved feeling two sets of hands on her body. She turned to Jenny and received a rough kiss that at first was mainly tongue and teeth and then turned to give Scott one of the most passionate kisses she had ever given in her life. She felt like a prize to both of them and reveled in how they both attacked her.

“She needs to be fucked,” Jenny said, reaching into Scott’s sweatpants and grabbing his hard erection. She stroked it while leaning over Olivia and kissing him while tugging on him harder as she went. “You see her there? She keeps begging for it, like a little slut. She needs to be fucked.”

Scott grabbed ahold of Olivia’s hair and shoved her down to her knees. Jenny used two hands to free him of his trousers and he let them fall to the floor before kicking them off. Then their attention was back to the roommate. Jenny’s fingers went through Olive’s hair and she held it tight while she pushed her face towards Scott’s erection.

Olivia felt it enter her lips and she felt her pussy begin to pulsate. She loved it. She loved the way that Jenny was controlling her head. She loved the way that Scott would stick himself far inside of her throat and lean his head back and moan. She loved the way that Jenny kissed him and pressed her pelvis into the back of her head. She let her hand travel down to between her legs and stuck her hand into her pajama shorts and began to rub herself as fast as she could.

Jenny then grabbed a hold of her and turned her head after pulling her off Scott’s sword. She pulled her sweats down and shoved Olive’s face in her groin before she even got out of them. Scott helped her escape, walking behind the blond and jerking them off in one motion while sinking his face into her ass. He found her wet spot and began to lap at her from behind as she shoved Olive’s face against her clit.

The three of them were lost then. The desperation, the loneliness, and the mix of eroticism that Olivia had introduced all blended together and washed over the three coeds. It was as if each of them had come to this conclusion long ago, and now that the time had finally come they each were prepared for the situation at hand.

Jenny escaped out of her bottoms and then Scott removed her top. Scott then moved towards Olivia and removed her bottoms as well. The brunette was on her knees, allowing Jenny to move her head for her just like she did when she had Scott in her mouth. Then she felt the man lifting her from behind, moving below her and probing her opening with his cock. She was soaked. She felt his head at her folds and he only had to give a little bit of elevation in his hips and he was in her. She reached down and grabbed a hold of his balls and her clit, his testicles in her fingers and her palm pressing hard against her own bean. Then she let herself go again. There was no more need to move, or worry, or think, or stress. The only thing she had to muse at that moment was to keep her legs and mouth open, and that was it.

Jenny was close then. She took a hold of Olive with one hand, guiding her mouth still, but her other hand went to her nipple, pinching it while she felt her mounds move with her breathing. She grit her teeth when she came. Scott thought it was the hottest thing he had ever seen. He watched in awe as the woman came inside her friend’s mouth and then pulled her head back and spit into it while still open.

“This is what we are going to do to you every day, little slut. That’s what you get for holding out on us. You’re going to be our little cum slut from now on.”

“Okay Jenny,” Olive said. The words bounced around inside her chest and made her feel whole right then. She felt like she could get through this, no problems, now. “Okay, Jenny.”

“That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” Jenny said. She now had Olive’s face in her hands. She licked up her cheek and didn’t stop licking until she couldn’t taste the copper residue that she had left on her friend’s face.

“Yes Jenny, that’s what I want.”

“Scott. Fuck her harder now. On all fours like a bitch.”

Scott didn’t need to be told twice. He scooped up the small girl and flipped her onto her hands and knees. He kept his helmet inside of her while he repositioned himself, and as soon as he felt some grip under his knees he started going. He pounded her hard. So hard she bit her lip and braced herself against the tile. He grabbed ahold of her hair and smacked her on the ass hard enough to leave a handprint, and then he was really going.

“Look how pretty she is with your cock inside of her,” Jenny said. She was kneeling beside him while he pumped. She licked his face then too. It turned her on to do that to people, and it seemed to excite Scott, as he then started to do small and fast strokes inside of Olive until she started to come herself.

He felt her on him. She not only clenched around him, but Olive also began to cream all over him. When he looked down at her amazing ass, he could see how messy she was. Long, thick white ropes of her cum were coating him. She whimpered in his grasp as he continued to enter and exit her.

But soon after that Scott was on the other woman. Jenny was a bit surprised at first when Scott grabbed her, but as soon as she felt his lips on hers, she gave way. He took her missionary right next to Olive. The brunette laid there, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm as Scott began fucking Jenny as hard as he fucked her seconds earlier. The blond was folded in half while he pounded her. Olivia didn’t even look at them. She just stayed staring at the ceiling with her fingertips making small circles around her nub.

When it came time for Scott to come, he pulled out of Jenny and scuttled to the side of her that Olive wasn’t on. His shot was long, enough to get both of them on the face with the first spurt, and after a couple more strong ones, Jenny took him in her mouth, greedily sucking him dry while Olivia began to push the cum on her face into her mouth and letting it sit there while closing her eyes and trapping the moment in her memory.

Scott went to the hall and got some clean dishtowels and after running some cold water over them he went back to the girls and cleaned both of them up. They smiled and thanked him as he did so, and after he had them all clean he laid between the two of them on the cold tile while they each snuggled up next to him.

What was that? Olivia thought to herself. But she couldn’t say.

The quarantine still filled them with dread, but at least they knew they wouldn’t have to go through it unsatisfied now.

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