Freeuse In The Break Room

I love teasing the guys at work. I wear short skirts. I wear really low tops. I love seeing all those guys there stare. I know I don’t look like the other women that work there. I wear black on most days. I also like wearing black lipstick, and coloring my hair different shades. Every now and then, I will wear some really tall boots. Then, I stick my ass out as guys walk by. I know, I am a tease, but I don’t really care. It’s just some harmless fun.

But then, the day came… I knew about it in passing. I don’t really pay much attention to the news. but this story stuck in my head like no other. The bill was called HR69, or as the public knew it, “The Freeuse Bill”.

I heard it over the TV in the break room. I was standing next to Paul when I said, “I hope it gets passed. Sounds like fun.” He gave me this smile and nod, like he wanted to agree, but I am sure he also had HR on his mind as well.

After that day, I sort of forgot about it. I was just too preoccupied with other things. So when I went into work that day. every single one of the boys had their eyes fixed on me as I trotted into the break room. I started to pour some coffee in my thermos when I heard the door open and close behind me. I looked behind my shoulder, noticed Paul standing there behind me, and I gave him a nod as I turned back to the task at hand.

“So Cynthia,” Paul said. “Do you remember that day where we were watching the news together? They were talking about that bill in the Senate, and you had said it sounded like fun? Do you remember that?”

I froze when I heard him speak. I could sense this intense energy coming out through his voice. I slowly placed the creamer down as I felt the memory come rushing back to me.

“You know, that bill passed a while back… And today… Today is the day that it goes into effect…”

I heard the door open. Suddenly, more footsteps were heard. But I didn’t look back. I was a little scared to. But also, I was excited. I mean, really excited.

That is when I felt Paul’s hands on my hips. He rubbed them up and down my body, his left hand settling on my left breast, and his right settling on my ass. He began pushing my dress up, lifting it over my head, but keeping me facing the counter.

“Go ahead,” he whispered. “Finish getting your coffee ready. This won’t take long. For me, at least.”

He tugged my panties down in one swift motion. It felt incredible. Suddenly, I was in just my bra and boots, in the middle of the break room. I could feel the AC against my exposed skin. Then, I heard his zipper, and the next thing I knew, I was being pushed forward gently, just enough so that Paul could enter me from behind.

It felt amazing. I kept stirring my drink like he requested. He went slowly, muttering to himself how much he had been wanting to do this for a while. It was almost like he was savoring it. I turned my head to look at him while I took a test sip of my coffee. He looked like he was in heaven, savoring the way my pussy felt against his stiff unit.

Then I saw something else. Practically every guy in the office that I had teased before was there, staring at the sight of Paul fucking me from behind. Lamar, a black guy who did our accounting, started walking up, grabbing my free hand and placing it around his enormous cock while reaching around me and rubbing my clit while Paul continued to fuck me.

Then more joined in. Steven, my manager, came over to my other side. He gently took my coffee out of my hand, set it down on the counter, and began to fondle my breasts through my bra. Soon enough, Paul helped me remove that as well, and then I was fully nude, except for the tall boots that I wore in that day.

That is about when Paul came. He let out a grunt and bent down, biting my shoulder lightly as he drained his balls inside of me. He stroked himself inside of me a couple more times, and then he was out. It was only about a half second before Lamar entered me next. Holy shit, that was amazing. His cock was so thick and long, and he wasn’t gentle like Paul was. He started pounding me, right out the gate. Just destroying my tight little pussy, like he must have dreamed about for so long, the way I would walk super slow past his office every day.

I came then. It wasn’t just Lamar. Steven and one of the mail clerks were both rubbing my clit and sucking on my nipples. Right after Lamar came inside of me, I felt another cock in me. Then I felt someone spit on my asshole, and then a cock enter there as well. Soon they had me on the floor, a carousel of men just taking turns on me. Using my pussy, my mouth, my hands, my tits, and my asshole. The entire office was pouring in, each of them having their little form of revenge for all of those days where I had teased them.

From then on, I wore even more revealing outfits. Most of them were crotch-less. It was only fair. I would answer phones, fill out reports, and do Power Point presentations, all while having some random guy (or guys) from the office using my body to get their cock off.

I guess this is what I get for being such a fucking tease…

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