Now Introducing My Official Subreddit!


Hey there! I have some exciting news for you.

This week I was able to start my own official sub on Reddit! This will be a place a lot different from the site here. While it is fun to be able to read the comments and interactions just from my site, I have always appreciated the way that Reddit makes it easy to be able to connect with other like minded folk. It will also work in conjunction with this site in many ways. All stories will be posted there for discussion and sharing as well as here. There will also be Diary posts and other things where you can find both on here and on the subreddit.

One thing that WON’T be included here that will be on the subreddit will be a WEEKLY EROTIC SERIAL. This is something that I have been batting around in my head for some time and I have always thought that Reddit would be an ideal place to do it due to my readership there as well as the ability to format things the way I would want.

Please consider coming over and joining! I really want it to be a fun place to connect and talk about a host of different topics. Also, if you have something that you have always wanted to share and never knew how to do it, this would be the perfect way to do it!

Hope to see you on the sub!


6 thoughts on “Now Introducing My Official Subreddit!

    1. First chapter will be posted here for sure. But you’ll have to join or bookmark the sub for the rest. I understand not wanting to add another SM account to peoples lives so I suggest bookmarking it and checking back weekly. It’ll most likely be a Saturday story, but that’s up in the air right now.

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