The Hole In The Wall

I was feeling a little sore after a while, but I kept thinking about what he said earlier in the evening:

This isn’t about your comfort, it is about mine.

The wall that he built earlier that week had some cushioning for where I would lay on it, but the way he positioned the wrist and ankle straps were in a way where I would be completely spread out. Before he went out for drinks that night, he put me inside of it.

He laid me out on my back. My feet were tied to the top of the wall. My hands were bound to the bottom. Then, he slipped me through the wall in a way where my pussy and ass hung there, suspended at just the right height, right around his crotch. It was built perfectly for him, with handles on his side to grip onto.

I don’t know how long I was laying there, but I let out a sigh when I heard him come home. He walked into the room, still looking at his phone, probably reading the news or looking up a ball game score.

“Hi honey,” I said.

But he didn’t answer. Not with words. He walked up to my face, unzipped his fly, and dangled his cock near my mouth. I opened up wide for him. That is when he entered. He looked down momentarily from his phone, enough to make sure that I was perfectly lined up, and then he began fucking my mouth.

I could tell he was drunk because he was rough from the start. I was surprised to feel his balls almost immediately begin to bounce on my nose. I gagged a bit at first, but then I was able to relax my throat enough for him to have his way.

No words were exchanged. I could only hear my struggled breathing and his occasional grunts. He kept his eyes glued to his phone the entire time. His free hand came down after a couple of minutes, and he began to roughly play with both of my tits, pinching both nipples before tugging on the left one lightly. I began to moan out then.

“Shhhhh,” he whispered.

I did my best to stifle myself. He stopped fucking my mouth momentarily, allowing me to catch my breath, but he kept his fingers clamped around my areola.

Then, he pulled his cock out, He began wiping it across my face, slapping it on my forehead, and then inserting it back in. Some drool got into my eyes, and I ended up closing them so they didn’t sting. But I felt more drool coming out of my open mouth, and a thick trail of it pooled into my tear duct. But I kept quiet, like he asked of me.

Soon, I could feel his cum flooding down my throat. He pulled his cock out after it was completely drained, and then he shakes it out on my face, letting some fall on me. He lets it sit there for a half minute before pulling out a rag from under the small table and wiping my face off. He then went over to a chair that we had in the room, and sat down, taking a load off while still looking at his phone.

I thought he would untie me then, but he didn’t. He just sat there, listening to some music on his phone while looking at me. I waited patiently for him. I knew he wasn’t done. I was actually excited myself. I wanted more from him.

After what seemed like forever, he came walking up to me. This time, he went over to my lower half. I felt giddy right then. I couldn’t see him, I could just feel him. It added to my building excitement.

I felt his hand. It rubbed my pulsing mound. Not being able to see him made me squirm. Then I felt a wetness. It was lube, Astroglide, and he was spreading it all over me. Getting it on my pussy, then slowly spreading it along my ass-crack as well. I felt the cold hit my skin, and it made me want to curl up to warm my body, but I couldn’t. I was still stuck in the same position, the one I had been in for hours. Just a toy for his pleasure.

This isn’t about your comfort, it is about mine.

The words come flooding back as I felt his hands rubbing me down.

“Shhhh,” he said.

That is when he stuck himself inside of me. He took himself all the way to his base, resting in my lubed pussy and laying his weight on it. I hear the wall creek. I can picture him on the other side; leaning all of his weight against it, holding on to the handles that sit right above the hole.

He doesn’t stay like that long. Very soon after he is in me, he starts fucking me. I mean, really fucking me. Hard. Harder than I have ever been fucked. I remember him shushing me. But he is being so rough. The wall is practically moving. It is shaking on it’s foundation. I bite my lips, whimpering slightly as I try my best not to make a sound.

“Mmmm…” he moaned out.

My vision starts to double. I feel my eyes crossing. I try to brace myself for his rough pounding, but there isn’t anything to hold or grasp. It is just like I am floating in air, and he has all the control. He kept on going at the same speed as well. So fast. So fucking hard.

That is when I started coming. It was like it lasted forever. I couldn’t even scream out. I kept my mouth shut, like a good girl, like I was told.

He didn’t go much longer after I came. I felt his cock convulse inside of me. Then I heard him let out a low growl. That is when I felt his seed pumping into me. He pushed himself all the way in and let it drain out, slowly, just like the blow job.

Afterwards, he untied me and took me out of the hole. He brushed the hair out of my face and told me how beautiful I was. He carried me to his bed, laying me beside him as he held me tight. We laid like that for a couple of minutes until both of us fell into a deep slumber.

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