All MINE Part 2

I woke that morning with his arms around me. Mark would fall asleep at night holding me. I woke in the same position that I fell asleep in hours before. His morning wood pressed against my right cheek and I sunk further into him, wiggling my body against his.

I felt a jolt of electricity. My nipples became hard and goosebumps rolled along my forearms. I turned my head and kissed the inside of his bicep. He began to stir, so I kept kissing him, eventually licking him while pressing my bottom into his groin. He woke shortly after, shaking his head from sleep while I squeezed him. I was always amazed at how hard he was that early. He let out a grunt when I began to let my fingertips move along him, and before I knew it he stuck himself inside me.

“You feel good today,” he said. “So wet already.”

He began to slowly pump into me. I reached under and behind, holding his balls in my palm as he rested in me. I could feel my middle finger just outside of his asshole, and I could feel it clenching and relaxing as he worked himself inside of me.

“That feels so good, Dani.”

“How good, baby? Tell me. I wanna hear it.”

I leaned my head hard into his jaw. I felt his teeth meet the back of my scalp and then his lips found my neck. He began biting and sucking on me right under my ear, just where I loved it, and quivered in his grasp while he froze there. The only movement between us right then was his tongue and my fingers. I wouldn’t keep one speed. My digits danced across him, alternating from fast to slow as his tongue lapped at me.

“You keep doing that and I’m going to come.”

“Then do it. Fucking do it already. Come inside me. Now I want you to. Now I want my pussy filled with your cum. Mmmm… That first one of the morning. That one is always the biggest one too… I want it now, Mark. I want you to come hard inside of me…”

I kept on going, on and on, telling him how much I fucking wanted that. I didn’t care if we had some marathon fuck session. I didn’t need that at that moment. I just wanted him to relieve himself, and I wanted to be that relief. I wanted him to focus solely on feeling good right then, and nothing else.

When he did come it was strong. I felt it leaking out over my lips and onto his balls. I mentioned how it was such a huge mess and he let out a sigh as I played with the cum that was now flowing out of me.

“Do you like dumping loads in me like that?” I said. “Do you like using me just to come like that? Because I really like when you do it. Especially that first one in the morning. It’s so big…”

Mark held me close, not talking at first, just listening and kissing me behind the ear. Even after he was done using me he knew what to do.

“I want you to do that whenever you need to,” I whispered in his ear. “I want you to use my pussy whenever you need to come from now on. I don’t care where or when it is. Do you hear me?”

“Don’t tempt me, Dani. I’ll do it.”

“It isn’t a temptation. It’s an invitation.”

We laid that way until the time came to get up and ready for the day. He let his cock rest inside me for some time, letting me warm him while we enjoyed the cool morning air.


That evening we had plans. Mark had his friend Ryan coming into the city. They grew up together. Mark wasn’t from the states, so it was rare for him to have anybody from back home here. I decided that we needed to do it up big. I had bought candles and expensive wine. I had been wanting to try this dish my mom would make, arroz con gandules. Mark would eat it up all the time when I would bring some from her house. I knew Ryan and his girlfriend would love it too. I had some music playing. This was before smartphones were that big, so it was playing on my laptop. I was putting together a playlist when Mark came behind me and grabbed my ass hard before slapping it.

“You never wore this dress before,” he said.

“What’s the use? You wouldn’t let me wear it long around you anyway. Now you have to behave because they are almost here.”

“Behave? Really?”

His hand reached lower and he began to lift up my skirt. I stayed there while he did so. I kept on messing with my iTunes and trying to get the perfect ambiance for the evening. This was a skill well sought out in the mid-2000s that is no longer relevant, but back then you had to make sure the playlist was just right.

The dress I was wearing was bright red. It matched my lipstick and heels. I also had red stockings on underneath. It shone brightly against my dark skin. I think that is why I loved wearing it so much. My right hand was playing with the pearls that were hanging around my neck and the left was moving along the trackpad. I let the lyrics to the song flow through me, and I sang them as I pushed back into Mark while he began to grope my tits.

Spinning on that dizzy edge

Kissed her face and kissed her head

Dreamed of all the different ways, I had to make her glow

Why are you so far away she said…

His fingers entered me. He let both hands inside me, with his two middle fingers reaching in and pulling my lips and walls apart. He moved slowly and I could hear his breathing quickening as he held me.

“Fucking Dani…” he said.

“Yeah… You love it though, don’t you?”

He couldn’t answer. His phone began to ring and vibrate along the kitchen counter. He let out a sigh and slipped out of me. It was Ryan. He had gotten lost and Mark had to explain how to turn back around. His eyes traveled over my body as he explained the route.

“No, you don’t want to go down that way. Because it just ends in a dead-end. I know. It confused me too… Okay, now you have gone too far again. Well, I would go out there, but we are still kind of getting ready…”

I stared at him while he talked too… I walked up and grabbed him by his base. I gave it a small wiggle and kissed his chest through his shirt. Then I walked over to dining room and began to set it for our guests. I wondered how Ryan’s girlfriend, Kim, would be. She seemed nice when Mark talked about her. She was pretty in the pictures I had seen as well. I was excited. I loved entertaining guests, and it was an excuse to get all dolled up and tease Mark while his pal was here.

The next song came on and I could hear Mark still murmuring on the phone from around the corner. I was humming when he came in. I was moving my hips to the beat as I finished putting down the silverware.

“How long until there are here?” I said.

“Only a couple of minutes…”

Mark didn’t say anything else. I felt his hands on my hips and then I heard his zipper. He was ragged with his breaths, and I could hear the air escaping through his clenched teeth.

“What are you doing?” I said. But I knew the answer. I thought back to our conversation that morning.

His fingers touched me and I was wet. He pulled my underwear to the side and roughly began to rub me. One hand was placed on my shoulders and then I was face down. I turned my head and my cheek was pressing against the stained wood. I could make out the stitching in the placemats.

Now you got me wantin’ more and more…

I’m at the point, of no return

It’s taken me a while to learn I’m at the point, of no RETURN…

His cock head entered me and I spread my legs. I tried to arch my back but he held me still. He pressed forward, getting himself nice and wet with me before he started going, fast.

No turnin’ back

It’s much too late

To go back now would be a big MISTAKE…

“You little fucking slut. Little fucking cum slut…”

I couldn’t see him, but I could feel him. The way he gripped me was intense. The way he started fucking me was full of power and lust. I heard his pants fall all the way to the ground and he went even faster, holding me still and letting his movements flow. I could hear the table screeching under us.

“You fucking love that, don’t you?” I said. I heard him let out a grunt of approval but that was it. He was in a different state right then. He seemed only intent on fucking me and emptying himself, just like I told him to that morning while we lay together.

It was also what I wanted… I squealed out while I came. I was so turned on. I felt his hand clamp around the back of my neck and heard his phone ringing. I heard a knock coming from the front door. I heard the last of the song wrap up as it repeated the last few lines.

I’m at the point, of no return.., I’m at the point, of no return…

Mark let out a soft cry and then I felt his teeth in my shoulder. He hunched over me and I felt him, warm and gooey inside of me. He kept fucking me while letting loose. I felt it wrap around him and slip out, dripping down my lips first and then my leg.

We froze like that for a bit. Both of us let out a small moan as he pulled himself free and pulled up his pants. He rushed over to the kitchen again to wash his hands. I let my body rest on the wood, focusing on my filled hole while I heard Mark finish cleaning up.

When we opened the door they both looked us over and Ryan had this funny half-smile on his face. We all exchanged hugs and they commented on how good the food smelled. I felt Mark’s cum still pooled inside of me, and every now and again when there was a break in the conversation I would focus on that feeling and let out a sigh while I let my toe trail up Mark’s shin under the table.

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