Diary (05/31/2020)

This past week I passed my one year mark for writing for the website. Thank you all for joining me in that time. It’s been really fun, frustrating, exciting, depressing, and engaging. As you can probably see, while it’s been a rollercoaster, I have enjoyed the experience.

Most blogs fail during its first year, so that means we have passed the point of no return. Now we are sort of stuck together, people. I hope you have enjoyed these stories and entries enough to stick around going forward because seeing myself hit these milestones has really motivated me to keep on going strong and trying my best to serve all of you.

I didn’t really have a concrete plan when I first started down this path, and honestly, I still don’t. I do know that I have a lot of things planned to write. I think that is the most important thing about this place, it’s somewhere to express myself and share my stories. I don’t try to over complicate it beyond that.

There are other things that I have celebrated about the site that I figured would be good to share with you all. This month more than tripled our traffic from April. That really blew me away. I don’t always invest a lot in traffic but it does feel good to know that people want to read your work. Those numbers also show me what stories you all like. I think a lot of you out there get kind of shy about expressing what you like, and because of that, I do take traffic for specific stories into account when it comes to writing. Certain recent stories like All Mine and the sequel got some really amazing stats really quick, so I know there is another one of those coming down the line as well. It also helped me mold the new serial a bit as I could see what things people would read consistently. That is the reason the MC is older, really forward, and foul-mouthed.

There is actually a funny story about this new project that I thought I would share. I had something completely different planned out. Yeah, that’s right. I had even messaged my dear friend Selina about the plan for the end. But this week I had some trouble with my bike and after getting it fixed I took a really long ride and started concocting a different story in my head. When I got to my usual rest spot and started jotting it down, I realized that it was a story that would take more than one take, or even two or three. I felt the need to start working on it as soon as I got home, and after some tinkering, I had an outline. Then after a bit more tinkering, I had a first draft done for the first two installments. Things with my writing are funny like that. That means this will be the focus for about ten to twelve weeks or so, and then you all will probably get another story to enjoy.

The last piece of info that you all will enjoy is that I have been working on some Flash Fiction to get on the site regularly. I know it’s supposed to be quick and easy to get stuff like that out, but I honestly wanted to work on the stories for the site first before publishing them for everyone. This will probably be a website exclusive thing so be sure to keep 3littleholes.com bookmarked if you haven’t yet.

That’s it for now. I love you all and thank you for spending the past year with me.


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