Head & Breakfast

I awoke to Derek standing over me. The light from the moon could be seen coming through the window, and that mixed with the light from the alarm was enough to make out his face. After I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and I got some of my bearings, It was then I noticed he was stroking himself. His pink member stuck out and dangled in the cool summer night. Angel was still next to her. She didn’t move and I figured she was sleeping still. I looked up at Derek and he began to whisper when he noticed I was awake.

“I’m sorry, I woke up and it was this hard. And I…”

I didn’t wait. I opened up and took his head between my lips and let my mouth work over him. I flicked along him and felt his body stiffen and sway.

“Poor thing. I’m so sorry.”

I began to kiss it and stroke it. He took another step forward and rested his knee on the mattress. I opened up and laid back, letting him slide in a bit further while I relaxed my throat.

“Oh, thank you so much,” he said. “I honestly just kept thinking about you. I remembered you said you would help with these earlier, and I just… Oh. That feels wonderful.”

His balls were then in my mouth and his cock was playing across my nose and eyes. It would twitch and jump depending on the amount of force I used on him. I had told him that I would help him earlier. It was during dinner. Derek had been taking a bite out of his burger and I just threw it out there.

“We are like those places you read about,” I said.

“What places?” Derek said.

“You know. The ones on the internet. The B&Bs where you can have anything…”

Derek just stared at me. He looked over at Angel and she smiled and gave a half shrug. She looked so pretty that night. Her hair was up in a bun and wrapped in a bandana. Her red lips shone against her pale skin and black hair. She wasn’t going to answer so I piped up.

“The ‘Freeuse’ places?” I said. “You haven’t heard about them?”

“I honestly don’t spend much time online,” Derek said. “I usually just catch up on the scores and even that’s rare.”

“Oh,” I said.

The wind had left the sails then. Excitement that had been growing in me, but once he indicated that he wasn’t privy, wasn’t into what I was selling, then it felt embarrassing. I brushed back my copper bangs behind my ears and dipped a fry into some ketchup.

“But…” he said after a couple of minutes. “What did you mean by, Freeuse?”

“It means you don’t need to rub one out while you are here,” Angel said. She smiled and then went back to her role as an observer.

“Uh,” Derek said.

“That’s just a crude way to put it,” I said. “But you have to have heard about this, right? It’s a new lifestyle. It just means… You can use us… If you need to. It’s a way of being neighborly.”

Derek didn’t say anything, and we didn’t force the issue. We all ate in silence and then he went to the guest room after and stayed quiet for the rest of the night. Angel and I figured he wasn’t interested and moved on.

But then he showed up in my room. His cock was really beautiful. It was long, thick, and smelled like Irish Spring. He was pulling me down his length with both hands in my hair when Angel awoke. She rolled over and saw him on top of me and reached over and began to play with his balls.

“You came,” she said. “You didn’t seem interested.”

That was when he left my mouth and grabbed her. He flipped her over and began groping her before positioning himself behind her. He pushed her towards me and our lips met and we kissed while he first entered her. He was rough with her, holding her in place while he wailed away. Her tits swung underneath her, and she looked back at him momentarily before he pushed her head into the mattress, going harder into her.

“Oh, you are really big, Derek,” Angel said. “I didn’t expect that. You were so shy. I guess it is always the shy ones with the biggest cocks though.”

Derek grunted as he stopped and pulled himself out of Angel. He jerked himself a couple of times while he grabbed me back the back of my scalp. He was pressing his cock into my lips the next second, and I opened and welcomed him back in, tasting Angel on him now.

“Fuck… I think I may need to book another night here.”

“You should. We have the rest of the week open. There is a lot of stuff you could get done in a week here…”

Angel was teasing him, but it was actually making me feel really hot. I began to tweak my nipples as he fucked my throat, and I heard his breathing starting to quicken at that instant.

He stuck himself back into Angel and fucked her hard and fast. He didn’t stop or slow down. She let out a long and powerful scream before he followed with his own. He pulled out of her and then grabbed my face, pressing my mouth against his head while he spurted out long rivers of cum into my mouth. I lapped up what I could before he pulled his cock out of its new home and sprayed my forehead and left cheek with what remained inside of him.

I sat on the mattress cleaning up his mess off my face while he stood up. Angel stayed in the position he had left her in, her fingers gently rubbing her pussy while I pushed what was left of the cum on my face into my mouth. He let out a soft goodbye as he tiptoed out of the door, saying that he would see us at breakfast before quietly closing it and retreating back to his room.

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