Filthy Flash Fiction #1: Freeuse Boy

I placed his cock between my tits and he let out a sigh as he sat on the edge of Carol’s bed. Carol grabbed his face and kissed him while he scooted down, laying his abdomen lower so that it was easier for me to handle him.

“Put my pussy in your mouth,” Carol said. She demanded it. She was never nice when we did this sort of thing.

He opened his mouth up and she grabbed his short hair and rammed herself into him. I put him in my mouth while I squeeze my chest around him. He let a moan escape his lips and then Carol let one escape hers.

“Yeah, that feels good. Keep humming like that.”

We had found him walking down the street. Carol and I had gone to the bar, and when she saw him, she demanded the Uber driver stop. She had to have him. That’s what she kept saying when she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the car. He was stunning. About 6 feet tall and with a nice set of abs. When we got to Carol’s she attacked him. I couldn’t help it either. He had these pretty blue eyes and I was a sucker for those.

“The hubby is gone all weekend,” Carol said. “Why don’t you stay too, Samantha? We can just use him until Sunday night and then drop him back off where we found him.”

The thought of waking up for two days straight with him was exciting, but I had so many errands I had to do in the morning.

“Maybe I can swing by tomorrow around 10 or so?”

“That’s fine. Lord knows I would still be having fun around then.”

Carol gripped him even harder and she began to shiver and moan. I knew she was coming. She did it the same way, no matter how many we picked up like this. He opened his mouth, like a good boy, and I took him down my throat right then. I felt him jerk and spasm before I felt it in my mouth. Some spilled out and landed on my breasts, he came so much. I just lapped up what I could and smiled up at Carol when she turned around.

“Sam… You already made him come? I wanted to do that first!”

“Sorry! He just got excited.”

“It doesn’t matter. Come on. Let’s take him to the dining room and we can have some wine while he gets hard again.”

She grabbed him by the hair and led him down the hall. I took a napkin from the breakfast bar and began dabbing at the spots he left on my skin before grabbing the glass from Carol and clinking glasses, toasting to our new conquest.

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