Diary (08/05/2020)

Hello everyone!

It’s been quite the week so far. I have been swamped with work for the past couple of weeks and the past few days especially have been real hell. I have had little time for anything besides this thing that got thrown into my lap recently, and due to that, I have had very little time to myself.

I think this is the new normal for people who are working post-COVID. Now, these companies are finding out that they can actually push people to compensate for being short-staffed in a lot of instances. At least, that is the message that I have been gathering from the company that I work for. These strange demands keep being made at the eleventh hour and it gets to be really taxing on my time and my mental health.

I made a tweet about it and I got some pretty sound advice regarding it. I honestly think it is about time for me to start moving on from where I work. I would love to say that I would be transitioning from working there to writing for a living, but that just isn’t the case at this point and time. Luckily, I think I can fall into some different fields that may be more fulfilling, or offer me more time to pursue some of my passions for myself.

I just feel like a robot at times when it comes to working. I have been at my job long enough where I kinda know the lay of the land and it is pretty simple when it is not a barrage of busywork. But since I am so good at the position that I have, the amount of extra stuff that I receive is just always growing.

On the writing front, I feel pretty comfortable. I got a new adapter that plugs right into my iPhone and it makes it really easy to upload text. I still have to edit on my phone, which still isn’t ideal, but it is a lot easier to edit on my phone rather than my older tablet. I have one more story this week and next week I will definitely be going back to getting my serial out and regular updates for that. The reason I held off on that was a fear that I would release what I have done and then have to take a hiatus before it is finished, and what fun would that be?

Writing has been really fun recently. Sometimes even writing erotica can feel like a slog. Especially if you want your website numbers to be consistent. People will move on and look to other things to get into when they think that you aren’t writing anymore, and that can be a pain. Getting people into reading habits, even if they had then before, is hard. That is why the saying “content is king” is such an important thing to learn. It does ring true in some instances, and my experience with erotica seems to back up that claim.

I hope you all are staying sexy and are enjoying your summers even though we are still all in turmoil right now. Be sure to love yourself today and keep yourself safe.



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