Filthy Flash Fiction #2: New Record

“Be careful man, she is a wild one.”

Mike was caught off guard. He was waiting for his turn to enter the room, and he wasn’t expecting someone to warn him before going in.

“What do you mean?”

“She’s a dick drainer,” he said, laughing to himself. “Guys keep walking in and they can barely last a couple of minutes. I don’t know what it is. She must have a superpower or something.”

Mike stared at the door while he contemplated what he was just told. When he decided that he would be doing this tonight, he wasn’t expecting it to be some sort of challenge. He had just answered an add to gangbang some rich guy’s wife. But after hearing the previous man’s claims, the situation was starting to develop a haze that he felt a bit unsettled about.

He entered the bedroom and he saw her. She was surrounded. There were about ten men in the room, surrounding the bed, all of them stroking themselves while she egged them on. The husband was in the corner, with a camera. He looked at Mike from behind the lens and waved him forward, switching his gaze between the new entrant and the screen.

She was very pretty. Maybe even more now that she was in this predicament. She was a bit older, with blonde hair that was kept short and side sweaty over her forehead. She had amazing curves and amazing confidence as she looked over at Mike.

There was a cock between her tits, in her pussy, in her hands, and inside her asshole as well. The man at her bosom switched from her breasts to her mouth, entering it slowly before bucking hard inside of her. All of the men let out a collective moan, each sighing as they continued to use her body.

Mike was amazed at what he saw next. The man in her anus suddenly began to stiffen and freeze where he was. He began to come, and the woman began to cheer him on while he did so, spitting the man out of her mouth before addressing the man under her.

“Yessssss, come inside my ass. That’s it. Deep inside my asshole. Come inside of it.”

He jerked and twisted under her, but then he had a look of bliss. He was out of her and another man was taking his place within a couple of seconds. That’s when the man in her mouth let loose. She closed her mouth around him and sucked as hard as she could. When he was finished, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, showing that it was completely swallowed.

Mike felt like he was floating towards her. The man in her pussy came and after he savored the feeling of her folds mixing with his own fluids, he pulled out and Mike was there to replace him. The man who had organized this had stated there would be no condoms, and he had paid for all the men to be tested. He stuck himself inside and he felt the other man’s cum and it felt different but extremely hot at the same time.

He was close to her now. He could feel her legs wrap around his body and he could feel her walls then pressing against the sides of his cock. He let out a gasp. He could feel his balls and asshole tightening already.

“Oh God, yes,” she said. She had spit one cock out of her mouth and then switched it with a different one then.

“Fuck,” Mike said. He could feel sweat already falling down his forehead.

He tried staying frozen. He tried thinking of something else. It was no use. He struggled for a couple more seconds before pounding down with everything he had.

New record,” the man in the corner said.

Mike began to think of what the man outside said. He kept hearing the phrase dick drainer over and over in his head.

The other men laughed as they watched Mike. He came inside of her and let out a low groan as he felt his cum begin to spill out of her. After a couple more seconds he pulled out of her, wiping off the mess with his bare hand.

He stood there for a couple of seconds, breathless and speechless, and then turned to the door and walked out.

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