Well… I’m back…

After a very long and strenuous hiatus, I can finally say that I am back to writing. Things have gone from bad to worst this year for everyone, and my life has been pretty on par in that aspect. It’s unfortunate, but bad times have a way of taking a precedent in life, even when we don’t want them to be.

The past few months have taught me a lot about life. While at times I seem very happy to go lucky and carefree on social media and here in my writings, this past summer was incredibly hard on me emotionally and mentally. My marriage had endured a lot over the past ten years, but when it came down to isolation and the insane climate that we as a country faced over the last eleven months, it became too much to bear on my home life. Due to that, I find myself sitting about two hours away from my former home, renting out a sublet guest house, and working as a captioning agent to make ends meet. I don’t have my car, my bike, or really anything of mine that had any value. It was a pretty messy split, and due to that and the situation I have with my family, it makes things a lot harder to get through this holiday season.

Even with those issues, I do feel blessed right now. I have started therapy while out here, I have connected with some old friends, and I feel a lot more at peace now that I am in a more quiet and relaxed environment. Also, after speaking with some friends that I have met online, I feel like making these choices and focusing on my writing right now is ideal for moving forward and healing.

While I can’t guarantee that this will ensure more content coming out of my site and sub, I do find myself with more free time to write and dream now that I am on my own. I hope that translates to more stuff for you guys to read, but right now I have been using it to find things out about myself that I maybe had overlooked before. It also frees up some opportunities with my writing that I may not have had before. One thing that I have started is talking with readers about things like commissions or personalized writings. I have always written specialized things for my readers, but to be able to focus on that aspect of writing and be able to deliver something specialized for people has been fun and enlightening.

I know that everyone is having struggles right now, but if you can spare anything this way, it would be more than helpful. I only work part-time right now, and most of my savings have been eaten up, so at this point, I am scraping by. There are a couple of ways you can help support me:



Even if you can’t throw anything this way at this time, I just love seeing people still reading and commenting on my work. Thank you so much for staying with me this long and sticking with me through this horrible time. Please take care of yourselves and be sure to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Life is too short to not let love in your life.



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