Built 2 Be Fucked

It was dark and quiet in the house when Jane slipped out of bed and snuck into the workshop. Sarah was passed out, the result of working all day and the wine that Jane had been feeding her after dinner.

Jane felt crazy. Her mind was unable to unpack the things that she and her girlfriend had witnessed that day. So much so that she was tiptoeing down the hall and trying her best not to hyperventilate. When she got to the door to the garage, their makeshift “workshop”, she hesitated for a couple of minutes before she was able to open the door and go inside.

The sides of the room were lined with the different bots that they were working on. Jane and Sarah made their living fixing up androids for the wealthier members of their community. Since it was after the holidays, they had a backlog of machines that needed to be worked on. Jane had a particular one in mind this night.

During the day, she and her girlfriend were working on one of the more expensive models. It was a current year, which Jane had only worked on a couple of times. They had newer batteries that gave her anxiety when it came to needing work. They were volatile and she hated the thought of having to pay for a replacement one.

She was working on the back of the scalp while Sarah was adjusting some things under the chest piece when Sarah told her about her initial feelings about the bot.

“Did you see this one when it first came in?” she said.

“No, I didn’t,” Jane asked. “Why do you ask?”

“Well… She was dressed really funny. Like, short skirt, and a collar. Some kinky shit, if you ask me.”

Jane laughed. She had heard rumors about these new models. For the past three years, there had been groups of people on the net who were working on exploits for them. They were manufactured to do things around the house or look after people’s kids, but the things that were being programmed into them would make Jane blush sometimes.

“You would think that people’d be too scared of the penalties for fucking around with things like that,” Sarah said,

“Well, desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Jane had said it as a joke but something inside her ached after the words left her lips. It had been so busy around the shop, Sarah had a hard time staying awake at night. Since they had taken on the extra load of work, it had been a while since they had even shared a hug, much less sex. She began to overthink what she had just said but Sarah didn’t seem to pay any mind to it.

“Well, it’s not worth it if you ask me. These things can be pretty addicting I bet, too. It’s just pure fantasy when you think about it…”

That was when Jane’s hand slipped. She was meaning to just work on the ports when she let her screwdriver slip and it accidentally slid along the surface of the motherboard. It skipped across and then found its way into the backup power switch. That is when the thing came to life.

“Oh, oh my… You are beautiful. Are you going to be my Mistress tonight?”

The thing was speaking to Sarah. It was running its long fingers through her dark black hair and attempting to push its body closer to her. Luckily, they had it strapped into its a harness to prevent it from moving forward. The bots could be pretty strong if you let them have their way.

“Jesus Christ, Jane,” Sarah shouted.

“I’m sorry,” Jane said. “I didn’t mean to.”

“Oh Mistress, you are so pretty. Can I let my hungry little mouth show you some relief? Please,, Mistress? I beg of you. You are so beautiful. I can’t go another second without you.”

“Jane, turn the fucking thing off.”

“Sorry, I’m trying but she keeps moving.”

Finally, Jane was able to snake her fingers into the small slot alongside the temple of the bot and switch it back off. Sarah let a visible shiver run through her body as she began to scold Jane.

“If that was another type of machine it could have killed me. We’re lucky this customer was a pervert. What are you doing up there?”

“I didn’t mean to turn it on. You know it was a mistake, right?”

“I told you that you have to be more delicate with these models and you didn’t even listen. It’s getting exhausting having to do the work on all of these newer units. You need to wake up and start pulling more weight around here.”

Jane felt tears welling up in her eyes as she darted out of the workshop. They had apologized to one another later on that evening, but this incident was just one of many that had been occurring recently, each time more recent than the last.

But something else had stuck with Jane that day. She had to explore it the more she had thought about it. The next day they were scheduled to return the unit that she and her partner had been working on, so now she felt like she needed to hurry up before the opportunity disappeared forever.

She found it after searching for only a couple of minutes. Sarah had even dressed it up as it was before. It had the same skimpy skirt with the same pink collar. Its hair was kept short and was red, the same color as Jane’s, actually, except Jane liked to keep her’s longer.

It took a couple of minutes to get the scalp open and then get the switch again, but once she did, the unit booted up and began to look around. It stayed quiet, which Jane was hoping for. She didn’t want it to make too much noise. Sarah was a deep sleeper, but she still worried about getting caught doing this. For one, it belonged to a customer. And two, hacking these bots to be sexual servants was highly illegal itself. But Jane had to try. She had never gone through a dry spell like this since she and Sarah had been together, and besides, doing it with a machine wasn’t cheating.

She closed the scalp and fastened it before getting down off the ladder and removing the lock around the bot. When she walked in front of it, she began to speak to Jane.

“Oh, are you my new Mistress?”

“Yes sweetie, I am your new Mistress. You must be quiet while we are together. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” it whispered. “I’m going to do anything you want me to.”

Jane felt her cheeks and her clit become hot as she approached it, letting it take her in its arms and embracing it back. She missed that feeling. They both folded into one another and Jane began speaking into its ear.

“You are going to take care of Mistress. Understand?”

“Of course, Mistress. Of course. Anything you want. Anything.”

It didn’t sound robotic and it didn’t feel fake. It didn’t feel like metal or circuits. It felt real. Soft, warm, with a nice smell and plump lips. Jane kissed them and she felt a rush flow through her body.

“You are going to make me come. I haven’t come in forever. I can’t do it by myself.”

“Oh, poor Mistress. You will never go without pleasure again. Let me help you. You poor thing.”

The unit reached its hands down into Jane’s pajamas and then her fingers began to do something that Jane would have never expected them to do. They began to vibrate at an insane rate, entering her slit and ramping up the speed momentarily before slowing down and gently beating into her. It changed speed and position on occasion, never staying in the same place too long. It was enough to drive Jane over the edge within minutes. She had never felt anything like it before. She wilted into its grasp.

“Again,” Jane said. She was leaning on the machine and pulling it in closer.

“Yes, Mistress. You must really need relief. You poor thing.”

She did it again to Jane. Her fingers buzzed against her most sensitive parts over and over again. Jane lost track of time. She kept on asking the machine to take care of her, and then she was demanding that the machine take complete control of the situation.

It was after the fourth one that Jane was starting to throw herself headlong into the situation.

“You need to just start having your way with me,” she told it. “You are going to make me yours for the night. I want you to do every dirty thing you have programmed in your filthy database.”

“Yes Mistress, anything for you.”

“Just keeping fucking me. Don’t stop. I’m yours for the night.”

The bot dropped down to her knees and took Jane into her mouth. Her tongue snaked out a very long amount and began to vibe inside of her as she lapped away at her. Jane tried to brace herself, but her legs and knees soon gave out and she crumbled to the ground as the android overtook her.


Sarah woke up from a strange dream and when she reached over to grab a hold of Jane, she wasn’t there. It made her heart skip a few beats and her breathing began to get away from her. Sarah was a bit weary of how Jane had been fairly distant over the past couple of days, and she wondered if she was just up and going to the bathroom or if she was up to something else. After about fifteen minutes of waiting in the dark room, she decided to get up and take a peak for herself. When she checked the restroom and saw that no one was in there, she started to think that something was fishy.

She was in the hallway when she first heard it. It was familiar, yet she didn’t want to process the information. No. It couldn’t be, she thought. But she knew in the back of her mind what was going on. She suspected it the moment she had gotten out of bed but she kept on telling herself that she was mistaken.

It was coming from the workshop. She felt confused at first, but then she remembered the bot that they had been working on and she wondered if she was really thinking clearly. While Jane could do some pretty wild stuff on occasion, messing around with the black-market sexbot seemed pretty over the top.

She held onto that thought until she peeked in through the small window in the door and saw what was going on inside. At the other end of the floor was Jane along with the machine. She was moaning and wailing as the thing was buried deep in her. All she could see was the back of that thing’s head. Jane was lost in pleasure, only looking down on occasion and nodding before throwing her head back and taking in what it was doing to her.

Sarah placed her hand on the knob but instead of rushing in and scolding her lover, she stayed where she was for a little bit and watched.

Sure, Sarah thought, Jane shouldn’t have been messing around with that thing because it was illegal, but at the same time, Sarah likened it to her walking in on Jane with a vibrator. That bot wasn’t a real woman. It was a sex toy. She watched in awe as Jane let it take complete control of her.

“Ravage me, just like that. Keep on going.”

“Yes Mistress. Whatever you want.”

It folded up Jane and then it began to alternate between Jane’s clit and her insides with it’s outlandishly long tongue. It even began to lick at her asshole, and Jane had never told Sarah that she would even entertain something like that in the years they had been together.

“Yes, make me your little bitch. Keep going…”

“Yes Mistress. I am making you my bitch now.”

This was too much for Sarah now. She began to play with herself while she watched through the window. She thought that she was the crazy one now. But when she really tried to get down to whose fault it really was, it was Jane’s. She should have just said something if she was this hard up, rather than fucking one of these things that they needed to fix up.

She burst through the door and Jane’s eyes popped open. She looked horrified but at the same time, she didn’t stop the thing from continuing to lick her and pleasure her. She simply looked at Sarah and began to blabber out as best she could to her.

“Sarah… You… So good… You… So good. She is so good at this…”

Sarah didn’t say anything. She stood over the two of them, watching while she shot daggers from her eyes at Jane. Then, to Jane’s shock, she began to kick off her undergarments and when they were completely off she walked over to Jane and stood above her, Sarah’s bald pussy hanging over her head.

“Sarah… I…”

She didn’t get a chance to answer. Sarah dropped down and filled her mouth with her sex, grabbing a handful of hair and pulling her up into it further.

“If you are going to be acting like a little slut, I am going to start treating you like a little slut. Understand?”

Jane nodded as she began to lap at Sarah. Her lover rocked against her face, using her mouth while the machine continued to lap away at her. They both were using her, and Jane had never felt so lustful in her entire life. She came just from having Sarah treating her so rough, and not long after that, Sarah began to really buck against her face, making it hard to breathe momentarily while she finished up. Jane loved the rough way her lover took her and treated her, and she showed that by nuzzling her nose against her clit while she recovered from her orgasm.

They stopped the machine then, but only momentarily. They apologized to one another and promised that they would be more open and honest about their needs. Then, after they shed some tears and felt even closer than before, they booted it up and continued to explore this new side of Jane that Sarah had discovered.

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