The Live-In, Free Use, Girl

Jordan was pretty drunk. He didn’t know how drunk he was until he tried to get his key into the door. He had to try three times to get it into the slot, and once he did, he had trouble keeping upright as he turned the knob and let himself in.

Dan followed him inside, equally as drunk and carrying half of a thirty-pack in his arms. He waited until Jordan turned the lights on before he stepped in. He had only known Jordan for a couple of weeks, and he was unfamiliar with the abode he was stepping into.

They had met at a casino. They both played poker, and after Dan saw Jordan take down a pretty big fish during a session together he offered to buy him a beer and talk a bit of shop. Since that day they had played and drank together quite a bit.

This particular evening they hadn’t played poker. They just went to the bar and played pool. There were some girls there but both guys struck out. Jordan told his buddy not to worry about it, but all Dan could think about as he walked through the apartment’s living room was how nice it would have been to enjoy their beers with the girls from the bar.

“Man, that red-headed one that you were chatting up was so hot,” Dan said. He put the beers on the counter and then pulled one out, popping it and chugging down a quarter before he put it back down.

“Yeah, she was,” Jordan said. “Nice little white girl. I love them.”

“I was surprised you weren’t as disappointed that they weren’t going to come back as I was. I was ready to get my dick wet. Now it’s just us and these beers.”

“Nah, I don’t worry about that shit. You end up worrying about that stuff and it drives you crazy. Besides, I always have a backup plan. Drink up. Let’s get some of these down and then I’ll show you something cool.”

Dan took another pull from his beer and then he and Jordan began conversing. They talked about games they had played before they met each other, they talked about the basketball game that was on the night before, and they talked about the women at the bar. Dan just couldn’t get his mind off of them.

“You really are bummed out about those girls, huh?” Jordan asked. “I never really stress out like that.”

“Yeah? You just never are hard up or something?”

“Hell no. I took care of that years ago. You wanna see?”

“What the fuck… Do I wanna see? What do you mean by that?”

“Just stay here. Let me show you something.”

Jordan left the room and Dan stood there in the dining room sipping his beer until he got to the bottom of the can. He was pretty drunk and he was feeling like maybe he should leave. He wasn’t sure what this guy was going to pull out, and he wasn’t certain he really wanted to find out.

But when his new friend did come back, he was glad that he decided to wait.

Jordan led her out by the hand. She was completely nude, with shining strawberry blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. She had a smile on her face as he led her out. Dan felt his cock straighten as soon as he saw her. She was stunning and even better looking than both of the women who they were speaking with at the bar.

“What the fuck is…”

“This is Cynthia. She is my live-in. You ever heard of those?”

“I mean… I had seen shit online about stuff like that but… I didn’t know it was really a thing.”

“I met her in Vegas years ago and she moved out here with me. Huh, baby?”

He smacked her backside, pushing her towards Dan. Dan stared at her, open-mouthed and curious as to what would happen next.

Live-ins, as Jordan had referred to them, was a new thing that was taking place across the world. Men and women would offer their services to the affluent and wealthy. In return for lodging, the agreement was typical that the live-in would offer their bodies to be used at the creditor’s leisure. This is exactly what happened with Cynthia. She didn’t need money, nor was she from any extreme background. She just didn’t like work, and she loved being used by Jordan, so it was a win-win for both of them.

She thought Dan was cute too. She locked eyes with him and smiled wider as Jordan pushed her down to her knees in front of the two of them.

That was when Jordan started pawing at her. He was rough. His dark hands explored her body, pulling her nipples and squeezing her labia. He growled as he felt her getting wet.

“What good little slut you are,” Jordan said. “Such a good little slut…”

She had a great ass. That was what Dan kept thinking as he saw his friend manhandling her. She was fairly small but she had an amazing rear end that stuck out and looked tremendous behind her. He felt himself getting harder then, practically tearing through his slacks that he had worn out that evening.

“Do you want to share her?” Jordan asked. He said it very nonchalantly. His grip around her pussy tightened.

“Uh, I don’t know. I have never done something like that before.”

“Well, she’s loves being taken by multiple people. But we can always take turns on her.”

“Could I go first then?”

“Sure, here, take her.”

Jordan grabbed a hold of the back of her hair and clutched it tight while he held it out for Dan to take. Dan stumbled forward a couple of steps and then grabbed the clump of hair from Jordan’s grasp. He was not aware of how drunk he was until he took a hold of the golden strands, but he was also thinking that at least he had something to take out that drunk energy on now.

He didn’t know what to do at first. He just held her in his hands while he looked her over. His heart was pounding hard in his ribs and he started to feel sweat begin to stream down his back.

“I can do whatever I want to you?” he asked her.

“Yes, you can.”


Her eyes moved from between the two men in front of her while she calculated her next words.

“Because it’s what I want more than anything. It’s all I think about. I live to be used like this.”

That statement ignited something deep inside Dan at that moment. He forced her face into his crotch, rubbing her along his girth and holding her there while he undid his pants. His belt came off and then when his zipper fell, he was stepping out of them and slapping his free cock along her face. He had never felt so powerful before. He felt that flow through his chest and down into his staff. He felt amazing once he dipped his head between her lips and then even more when he began to fuck her face as hard as he could.

He felt his dick jamming down her throat and he felt his abdomen slamming into her but that didn’t stop him. All he could think about was how good it felt to be fucking someone after a long night of drinking, and best yet, someone he didn’t even have to try hard for. She just sat around all night, waiting to be fucked.

Her throat felt bottomless. When he thought she wouldn’t be able to get anymore down, but then she surprised him, opening up wider for him as he pushed through, enveloping his member over and over down her gullet.

Next, she was on all fours, taking him from behind. He started slowly, licking her ear and squeezing her ass while he slid in and out of her. Then, he couldn’t hold himself back. He was fucking her hard, almost making her slide across the floor while he did so. He held her still while he finished inside of her; a massive load inside of her womb. He was so excited by his conquest that even after he pulled himself out of her, he felt his cock still hard and pulsing.

Jordan was on her as soon as his buddy was out of her. He knelt next to her head and guided her mouth onto him. He bucked his hips violently back and forth for a couple of seconds before letting go of his own rope of essence right onto the girl’s waiting tongue.

Dan stood over them, watching as his friend waited until his unit went soft before pulling it out of his live-in’s mouth. His stick flopped out, sloppy and wet, against her chin and then was placed back into Jordan’s boxers.

“Can I have another go?” Dan asked. He was breathless, but he also couldn’t forget the feeling of being inside of her.

“Of course, man,” Jordan said.

That was all Dan needed. He crawled on top of the woman and inserted himself inside of her again. He could feel what he left inside of her as he positioned her legs onto his shoulders and pushed forward. He felt like he was in heaven when he had her warm folds accept him once again. He pressed his weight into her and then began to wail away, his pelvis slapping into her.

He kept on thinking of how crazy this was. He had barely known Jordan, and he had never met this girl before a couple of moments prior, but here he was, balls deep in her, about to deposit his second load into her. When it came, he froze, moaning loudly as nothing but his scrotum and shaft moved while he spilled himself out and into her once again.

He grabbed ahold of her hair and pulled it as he kissed her chest and neck. He looked up at Jordan as he slid his cock in and out of her messy pussy.

“Holy shit man. Can I just use her as much as I want while I stay the night?”

“Of course bud,” Jordan said. He slapped his friend on the back. “She’s all yours. Maybe you can even borrow her for a bit. I wouldn’t mind.”

Dan’s cock still hadn’t gotten soft, and as he heard his friend’s proposal while looking down and seeing Cynthia nod in approval, he felt a third wind coming along as he stroked in and out of this woman’s slit.

He wondered if he was ever going to lose the erection he had at that moment.

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