Patreon Post: Mindblanking the Brunch Party Part1

“You have never had a cock like mine, understand? Even when it merely touches your skin, it’s going to make you extremely excited. Understand, Nancy dear?”

“Yes, Master.”

“So much so that when I have my way with you, you are going to come over and over again, just from thinking of this cock, do you understand?”

“Yes… Master… I understand…”

The change had already taken place. Just from having him between her breasts she was feeling her body twist and turn with excitement. She wanted to rub her clit so badly, but her hands were frozen. Her entire body was. Even her eyes were still, without her control. She could only feel what he was doing to her. Each time he sawed between her melons she was getting closer to climax. Soon after, her skin became flush and her clam began to contract in response to Michael using her body. She let out a soft whimper, biting her lip and letting out a long sigh as she finished up.

“Good girl Nancy. Imagine how it’s going to feel when it actually goes inside of you.”

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