When She Keeps Sucking

Amy led Alex by the hand through the party. She was frantic, searching for somewhere quiet where they could enjoy one another’s company. Alex was trying to tell her that they could wait, that he would understand if they couldn’t get any action until after they left the party, but Amy was way too drunk to not have some fun right there and then.

Alex had been talking to her for a couple of weeks, and she knew that she was going to fuck him that night. She just never suspected that she would have the urge while they were still out, having drinks at her girlfriend Tanya’s house. But he was driving her crazy. He had dressed nice, smelled nicer, and he also had that three-day growth that would drive Amy crazy. There was something appealing about rubbing her fingers over that stubble right before a deep kiss, and she had done that several times that evening already.

“Aren’t they going to come looking for us?” Alex said. “Janine had already told you not to go too far…”

“Do you want this, or not?” she said.

Alex didn’t say anything further. He was just nervous. He hadn’t planned on having to deal with something like this so early in the evening. There was something that he wanted to discuss with Amy before they got to this point in the relationship, but once she started tearing into him at the party, he found it difficult to try to calm her down. The way she caressed him was addicting, and he thought he would never be able to forgive himself if he didn’t indulge in Amy.

Amy pulled him into a darkened bedroom and closed the door behind them. She was on top of him again, running her hands through his hair and under his jacket. He was still nervous, but he couldn’t stop things now. He realized that. It would be too much to stop her in her tracks in that instant. The weeks of sexual tension and waiting had created a powder keg, and worse yet, now booze was introduced to the equation.

Amy wasn’t waiting to get serious, either. She began to snake her fingers into his belt line. She wanted to feel him. She had been thinking of this for a while now. Once she knew that she was going to give it up, she had been mentally preparing herself for this. Her green eyes looked up to meet his, and when they locked, she let out an audible sigh as she reached his penis, wrapping her fingers around it gently while moving along his length.

“Amy,” Alex said. “I have to tell you… Something…”

“Can it wait?” she said.

She figured what he was going to say already. He would tell her that they should take it slow and that he really liked her, that she really meant a lot to him. He probably wanted to tell her that this wasn’t the time and that he wanted things to be different. Alex struck her as a sensitive guy, and because of that, she knew that he may not be ready for the sluttier side of Amy. But that wasn’t going to stop her. Not tonight, anyway.

“Uh… I mean… That feels really good.”

“So then it can wait. Just wait. Please? Once I put it in my mouth, I doubt you are going to have anything more to sayyyyyy…”

Amy felt his member jump inside of her palm. She half-smiled at him. She loved the way his body reacted. It was half the fun of doing this. She knew he was squeamish and seeing him squirm while also going along with everything was exciting to her.

His cock was out in the open. She let her fingers move from the tip of him all the way down to the base of his shaft. She gripped him there while she lowered down. First, it was a couple of licks. Amy started at the head, and then after a couple of long laps of him, she began to move further down his span. He let out little moans and whimpers. His hips began to move along with her. She knew he wanted to plunge further. She knew he wanted to grab her hair and use her mouth. But he was just too nice. She knew the type. That was another reason why she wanted this. She wanted to suck his cock in the middle of the party so that he would never forget it. So that he would have something to tell his buddies over beers or weed while they were hanging out. It wasn’t a pity fuck. It was a grateful blowjob. That is what she called it in her mind. Nice guys needed to blow their load on occasion too. Why not Alex?

She bobbed and gagged on him. She used her spit to help her move and she made a mess of his black jeans that he wore that night. She was well versed in giving head. She enjoyed it more than sex some days. There was something about feeling that powerful with a man. Once she had them in her mouth they rarely lasted long. It was a point of pride for her. She knew how to take care of them. Alex wasn’t any different. It took maybe five minutes of dirty, filthy sucking but before long she was feeling him fill her mouth while shuttering curse words between his teeth.

Amy swallowed all that she could. She was careful not to let any drip out onto her blouse. She didn’t want to get called out when they returned to the party. But one thing struck her as irregular in that moment. Even after Alex had come in her mouth, for some odd reason, his cock refused to go flaccid. It just stood there at attention, as nothing had just happened to it. Amy was a bit confused. She had never seen a guy let one loose and then stay rigid like that before.

“Uh… Didn’t you like it? Are you okay?”

“Yeah… It was great… It’s just that… I have this thing, see? Once I get going, it takes a lot for me to kind of… Calm down? It’s just always been like this. Please don’t think I’m weird. I’m sorry.”

“What do you mean?”

“It means that when I get hard, I have a really hard time getting soft again. It can be kind of strange. I just get stuck like this and a lot of women I have been with in the past have felt weird about it.”

He looked down at the ground beside her, shameful and concerned that she would run. But Amy didn’t run. In fact, when she heard him explain what he was worried about, she felt her heart begin to race and her mind began to wander even further.

She stuck him back into her mouth. He felt the warmth and the wetness from her and Alex gasped, not expecting Amy to start sucking him off again. His cock felt super sensitive too, as he had never had someone keep on sucking on him after he had climaxed before. He tensed up for a couple of seconds before he was able to relax and take what was being given to him.

Amy was wild. She felt dirty while she was on her knees, already tasting the cum from Alex but only wanting more. She had never seen someone who could stay hard after performing. Usually, anytime someone came in her they just let out some long sighs and then rolled over and fell asleep. The thought of Alex, and his amazing cock, spurting out rope after rope of hot cum was enough to keep her motivated. Later on, she would swear that she would have climaxed just from having Alex in her mouth, but she was too lost in that instant with having him release again for her to notice it.

She placed him deep down her throat. He felt her completely encase him. He had never had that happen before. There were lots of things that Alex seemed to be learning from Amy, and he was happy to be getting a lesson from her.

The second one came. She was using her throat to let him slide in and out of her as fast as she could handle. She rubbed his balls underneath his soaked member and looked deeply into his eyes. When his lips began to twist and his body began to tense, she knew it was coming. This time, she pulled him out after he was done, kissing him and rubbing his cum infused penis along her face after she took in his second load down her gullet.

But… To her surprise, Alex still didn’t appear done. In fact, when she began to stroke him while she stayed on her knees, he still didn’t go down. He stayed the same way as he did when she first led him away from the rest of the party.

At that moment, Janine had come through the door. She was incredibly drunk, stumbling in her heels as she peeked around the rooms in the hall, trying to find Amy so that they could have a shot together. They had not seen one another for a while, and Janine had missed her drinking buddy and all the fun they would get into together. When she found Amy on her knees, kissing Alex’s still throbbing cock while she praised him for staying hard, she crossed her dark arms around her chest and stared at the two of them.

“I should have known you two would be here,” Janine said.

Alex jumped out of his shoes when he heard her voice. He saw Janine and figured that they would get scolded. What they were doing wasn’t exactly kosher, and even with Alex pawing at him and begging for this event to take place, he still felt like he wanted to disappear right then.

But, one thing that he didn’t know was that Janine and Amy were closer than he had imagined. They had actually shared men before. It was a perfect storm. He had no idea what was going to happen next. Amy didn’t even know. Janine walked right next to Amy and asked her what she was doing as casually as possible.

“He keeps on coming but… He doesn’t go soft.”

Janine looked him up and down, clearly drunk and confused.

“How many times has he come?”

“Twice so far.”

Janine hiked up the dress she was wearing so that it wouldn’t drag under her knees and she got down right next to her friend and she started sucking off Alex. Amy looked on for a couple of moments before joining her, letting her mouth mix with her friend’s while Alex looked on, dumbfounded and shocked that this was happening. He had never gotten this reaction. But now he was starting to think that this curse he had lived with for so long was actually a gift.

They each ran down the side of his shaft. They met on his head and shared a kiss around him, letting their tongues play along with him. When Janine began to lightly roll her fingers along his balls he then shot out a rope that hit her first. The next one went into her mouth as Amy began to lick off what was on Janine’s face. He thought it was so amazing that even after that, his cock was still rigid. still standing tall while the women in front of him acted like it was the greatest discovery of their lifetimes.

“That’s it, we are taking him back to my house,” Amy said. “I’m going to fuck him until that thing finally goes down.”

“Oh, I wanna go too!” Janine said.

They each took a different hand and led him out to Amy’s car. Alex kept on pinching himself, wondering when he would wake up from this insane dream and all the pleasure it entailed.

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