Planet of the Free Use Harem is now available!

Grab it on Smashwords this instant! Soon to be available on more platforms. ❤

Clark and Joseph were just two, mild-mannered Rescue Force workers. Their job was to travel the stars and find men and women who had been lost in space. They never thought that one day, they would find an entire planet full of WOMEN who lived for one reason, and one reason only… TO BE USED FOR PLEASURE.

David was nothing but a lowly Scout for the large corporation that employed him. When he crash-lands on a planet that hasn’t seen a man in eons, he is thrown into a LUST FILLED world where all of his desires will be fulfilled. Once the Queen of the planet gives her credence, all of the women become available for David, and any other man they come across, to be USED as FREELY as they need…

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