Deviant Forum: Kissing Cousins

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I had been hanging out with my cousin Ernest a lot. He had gone through a breakup and I had been helping him out. I work as a personal trainer, and when people get depressed as Ernest did, I knew that some exercise and some new hobbies could be something that would get him back on the right track.

We ended up spending a lot of time together and getting to know one another very well. Ernest and I were technically cousins, but I was about four years older than him. We didn’t grow up with one another. His dad was cousins with my mother, so we weren’t even first cousins. But certain circumstances made it so that I was in his orbit at the right time that led to him asking for a helping hand. That led to us being together outside of working out. That was how it first happened.

We had gone out to the bar that evening, and I was dressed up cute. I had a jean skirt on with a really low top that showed off the girls perfectly. I was pretty hard up that night, as I hadn’t had sex in a couple of months, and I was determined to have someone take me home that evening.

Ernie had said that he wanted to go out for some drinks with a group of friends and he invited me to go along with him.

He had one friend named Abel who kept on giving me the eyes. I knew that I had one in the bag, but I also felt like I could do better. Since it had been some time since I had gotten laid, I didn’t want to settle for just anybody. I talked a bit with Abel and he suggested that when the group left the bar that we were at, that we should go off on our own to one of his spots.I figured why not? There weren’t any better prospects at the bar and I didn’t want things to go out that night with a fizzle. When the group walked out of the place, I said my goodbyes to everyone. But Ernie insisted that he come along with us. I was happy to oblige, but I could tell Abel was a bit annoyed. That made me rethink my choice for the night. If this guy was gonna have a problem with Abel and me hanging out, then maybe it wasn’t to be.

Abel ended up buying us drinks, giving us coke and weed and then inviting us over to his apartment after we left the next bar. Ernie started to pass out on the couch we were sitting on, and that’s when Abel decided he was going to get a bit handsy. I told him that I wasn’t interested in anything happening that night, especially with Ernie there with us, but he just kept on trying to set me down in his lap. I finally had enough of it, and as an act of defiance, I got up, walked over to Ernie, and sat in his lap while I began to run my fingers through his short black hair.

“What are you doing?” Abel asked.

“I’m waking Ernie up,” I said.

“But why are you doing it like that?”

“Just because, this is how we are with each other,” I said.

That wasn’t true. I had never gotten like that with Ernie. But after a few seconds of it happening, I did find myself getting excited.

Abel stopped chasing me around then. It wasn’t long after that Ernest began to wake up and I decided it was time for us to go. He was a bit confused but he also said he was ready to head to his apartment and go to bed. We walked into the night, with Abel looking after us as we went.

I wasn’t sure what exactly came over me that evening. I still don’t. All I know is that I felt a strong connection form with Ernie and myself over the weeks proceeding this evening and being so drunk and horny, I think I just decided, fuck it, he was a nice enough guy to sleep with. I knew that he didn’t know I had been thinking about it that night, so as we walked down the lonely sidewalks, I was sure to rub my fingernails along his forearm after I locked arms with him as we walked. He seemed to notice what I was doing, and after stiffening up for a couple of minutes, I could feel his body leaning in on me.

It didn’t take long to get to his apartment. He lived downtown, right next to most of the bars that we were at that night. He pushed the key into the lock and looked at me one more time before he opened it. It was almost as if he was asking me silently if this was going to happen, but I didn’t answer him. Not right then, anyway.

We went inside and I slipped out of the heels I was wearing. Ernie didn’t have much of an apartment. It was just a studio with a futon and a television. He would lay down the futon into a bed when he went to sleep, and he did that right then, offering me the space while he slept on the floor.

“I would rather you slept in the bed with me,” I said.

I saw his eyes processing what I just said and he agreed. We each laid on different sides of the bed. staring at the ceiling. I felt the alcohol hit my system and it made the roof spin a bit. I looked over at Ernie and he was staring straight up as well. I decided it was now or never. If this was going to go down, I knew it would have to be me who initiated it.

I rolled over so that there was no longer any space between us on the bed. Then, I placed my head on his shoulder, turning my body so that my low-cut shirt was pressed against his body as I wrapped my arm around him. He took his arm and wrapped it around my body, letting me know that he was thinking the same thing as I was.

Our foreheads touched and as I pressed into him, I felt his body slightly turn. That is when I went in for it. I kissed him, deeply, while running my hands along his chest. He returned it. I felt my heart jump in my chest as we pressed into one another. It was more than the drink and cocaine. It was all of those days together, working through his pain. It was seeing him grow and watching him blossom. It was him pushing me on as we worked out or talked about our issues. It was all of that mixed together. I climbed on top of him and wrapped my legs around his body, holding him tight between my thighs.

I felt a rush like I had never felt before. It could have been the taboo nature of what we were doing, or it could have been my attraction to him, but I felt a jolt of electricity flow through me. I quickly pulled my top off over my head and as soon as it was gone I felt his hands on my back, unclasping my bra. He had it off in seconds, and then my right nipple was in his mouth, being rolled around and placed between the roof of his mouth and his tongue. He held it there and flicked at it, rapidly, while I moaned and twisted on his pelvis. I wanted him inside of me. That was all I was thinking of right then.

I wrapped my legs around him and rolled over so that he was on top of me. To make my goal clear, I lifted my left leg and placed it on his shoulder, opening myself up to him. I felt his hands on my ass as he slipped my bottoms off from under the jean skirt I was wearing. Then, after he quickly slipped out of his shorts I felt his head pressing against my lips.

He slipped in and I felt him go all the way inside. He was long and thick, and I let out a gasp at having him fully inside of me. Suddenly, I felt him exit and not reenter. I squirmed as he placed himself on the top of my clit, teasing me. I looked up into his eyes and pleaded with him.

“No, don’t tease me like that,” I said. “Put it back in. Please.”

“Oh,” he said, “you want me back inside of you?”

“Yes… What are you doing? Put it back in.”

He started to wipe his cock back and forth over the top of my labia. I tried to push my hips up to meet him but he put his hand on my abdomen and held me in place. He did that for about ten more seconds and then he slowly put himself back inside of me until he was back to where he was previously. It felt wonderful. He filled me as I had never had before. It felt incredibly hot to be under him and having him use my body as he saw fit.

Suddenly, he gripped the leg that I had raised and pulled me in close while he began to pound me. It felt so intense. He held me at an angle where he could hit my G-Spot as well as the back of my pussy. The pain and pleasure mixed in an insane way that made me start to come almost immediately after he began. He seemed to notice the changes in my body. He pulled me close and kissed me as I came on his massive cock. He pressed it in deep and held it there while we shared a passionate kiss. When he pulled away, he kissed each of my eyelids before lapping the side of my face with his tongue. I felt so aroused by everything he did. He had me right in the palm of his hands.

I pushed him out and turned so that I was on all fours. When I looked back at him, I gave the most seductive look I could muster before wiggling my ass in front of him. Seconds later I felt his hands wrap around my hips and then his tip was placed at my gate. He shoved forward and we both shared a long moan before he started pumping away at me. I could feel his balls slapping my clit, and I reached down underneath me and began to roll my fingers over his scrotum. He stopped for a moment before reaching down underneath and rubbing my bean. We stayed like that, frozen except for our hands moving. I let out a gasp as I felt the second climax coming.

“I’m going to come again,” I said. “You are going to make me come again.”

He rubbed harder before letting out a fierce do it then from between his clenched teeth. That was enough for me. I felt my body freeze up and he stopped rubbing me and proceeded to pound me, hard, while I came again. Once I was done, I wanted nothing more than to have him feel the same way.

I pushed him out of me again, but this time when I laid on my back, I grabbed his hips so that he was straddling my chest. I bent forward and took his cock in my mouth. I bobbed on it and massaged his balls more. I wanted to milk them. He looked lost in his lust as I sucked on him. I feel like he noticed how crazy he had made me. I was in that state where I would have let him do anything he wanted to me right then. After relaxing for a few moments, he started to buck his hips forward, fucking my mouth before taking it out and then doing the same to my tits. I opened up and let his tip enter when he pushed forward, lapping at him any chance that I could get.

He was between my tits when he called out that he was going to come.

“Oh?” I said, pushing him on. “I want you to come on me. Come all over me. Cover me with all of it. I want it so bad…”

I wasn’t finished speaking when the first rope came. It was strong and hit me right under my chin, resting in my neckline after. I smiled and laughed at him. He covered me, just as I instructed. I was surprised by the volume of it, but I loved how it felt as it dripped down my skin.

“Oh, look at what a big mess you made,” I said to him, lapping at his head while he stayed frozen above me. Then, I took his shaft and placed more of him in me as I sucked him dry.

After he was done, he went and grabbed some bath cloths and wiped me down. He was loving and soft at that moment. I let out a gentle sigh and when he had me all clean we lay in bed and stayed silent for a couple of minutes.

“I think we should keep this between ourselves,” I said.

“Okay, if that is what you want… But…”

“But what?”

“It’s nothing,” he said.

We stayed silent for a couple more moments until I felt his body relax and then noticed he had fallen asleep. I then decided that it was probably for the best for me to get some rest as well. I fell asleep in his arms.

That wasn’t the only time we had together. But, those other incidents will have to wait for another time. Until then, just be mindful of your true feelings towards people, and I hope you get to be with exactly who you want to be with.




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