Diary (09/01/2021)

Things have been pretty hectic on the writing front.

I have been trying my best to keep producing content for you guys, but there are also times where I would need to take an occasional commission to help pay the bills. Those tend to knock me out of any groove that I may be in, and for that reason, they have taken a backseat to my publishing. Though it is pretty scary not having that liferaft every month, I also feel the need to focus on writing that I want to produce myself.

Traffic has been pretty decent here. We hit 900 views last month! That was a pretty good milestone! I haven’t had 900 since I hit 1K in May of 2020. That was when I was producing a lot of stories for my site, and I was having some killer days back then. I hope that can come again one day. I think this month may be the one to get it too.

I am currently working on a lesbian piece that will be going under a different pen name. I am also making sure to have some new stories for my Patrons as well as readers of this site rolled out. There is some spooky content that I have planned down the road, as well as some non-erotic content that will be found on my subreddit this coming month.

I am really excited for all of you for joining me and taking this trip with me. We are going to smash this coming autumn, and I know that we all are going to appreciate the hard times that we went through.

Keep your heads up, and your masks on!


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