Free Use Tales: Free Use Pets Vol. 1

Robert had a long day. He took the train home and it had some delays about halfway there. The tracks had needed maintenance for some time, but the city refused to do it until problems like this arose. He got bored of the book he was reading and just sat there staring forward for a large amount of the ride.

His boss had been riding him for about a month. His sales were good, but since the team was hanging on him for their numbers, they were asking for more. He wasn’t sure where he would find the “more”, but he always did. That was why the higher-ups would always come breathing down his neck and hardly anyone else’s.

He had thought of one thing the entire train ride home. He could feel his palms sweating and his heart racing as he played the memories of the times before while sitting in the cool tube on the way home. The delay had only heightened his excitement. When he got to his destination, he began stripping off his clothing as fast as he could and when he was completely nude he sat down on the couch and took a deep breath.

He laid his head back and let the cool air conditioning blow over his body. He knew he had to go back in the next day. He knew it was going to be the same, tedious work from that afternoon sitting there, waiting to be completed, when he got in the office. It was one long and continuous loop and he didn’t want to dwell on it too much.

Behind Robert, there sat a set of bells, sitting on a long piece of wood that kept them all inline. Ten notches were dug into the darkness so that when the bells were placed inside they would sit snug and not be bothered. Each was measure exactly so that the instruments were placed perfectly inside of the grooves. Robert had done it himself. He had taken pride in crafting it. Once he had it in his lap, he ran his fingers over the grain before picking up the smallest bell and ringing it three times. He then placed the bells on the armrest next to him and waited.

After two minutes or so, she came. She was crawling towards him, her eyes locked onto his as she wiggled her hips behind her. She was wearing long white stockings and matching heels. Her undergarments were cut into a thong that was the exact same shade as the rest of her ensemble, She wore a corset that pressed her tits up and forward and no top. Her neck was adorned with pearls and her dark, brown hair was in a tight bun on her head. She had dark skin and brown eyes and black lipstick. She wore long gloves. Her hand found his zipper, then his cock, and then he was in her mouth. She bobbed on it after getting enough spit. Robert patted her on the head as he let the worries of the day leave his body.

He had been training her with the bells for a couple of days and she was already getting used to the system. She knew exactly what tones meant what action needed to be performed. There were ten bells in all, and they each did something different. He had been hammering into her the meaning behind each of them during his schooling. She was now grasping what to do without him correcting her. Not just that, but by the enthusiasm that was building up between them, she was loving every moment of Robert using her body.

Natalie had told him a year prior what she wanted. She had explained the people she had been talking to online. She elaborated on their wants and needs and how they lined up with her own vision of love and the world. Natalie was part of a new lifestyle. She was wanting to become a Free Use Pet. She had told Robert this because she loved him. They had been together for four years and she had trusted him more than any other lover she had before. It didn’t take Robert long to come around to accepting the terms. Free use of Nat’s body, along with extra games that Rob could come up with himself, such as this new one with the bells.

Rob closed his eyes and he didn’t last long. Natalie had done nothing but wait for him to come home all day, and now that she had his shaft in her mouth, she worshipped every single inch of him. She sucked on the underside of him, down near the base, and worked her way up until she placed passionate kisses along the top of his head. She gagged on him and had drool dripping down to her tits but she wasn’t stopping until she felt his balls rise, and his sword clench. She dove down and held him in her throat as the first shot came and she began to bob on him as the last of his cum left his body. She had it dripping from her lips and on her cheek but she didn’t care. She loved it. She looked up at him while his shaft lay throbbing on her cheek, resting there after spending his seed.

Rob decided that he wasn’t done. He grabbed another bell and rang it and Natalie rolled over onto her back and spread her legs and then began begging him to fuck her. She pulled her thong off and threw it to the side. She placed her hands in front of her and began moaning and barking and asking him to stick his cock in her. Rob thought this trick was pretty funny when he first came up with it, but now, after seeing it a couple of times, he thought it was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen. It always did something to his chest that made him want to ravage Natalie like never before. It was primal, sexual, and hard to contain. This time was no different.

“Mmmmnnnn, please… ARF ARF… I need dick in me, Master… Mmmmmnnnn… Please… I need dick… ARF ARF…”

She moved her hips along with her whining and when Rob grabbed a hold of her she let out a long moan until his cock was deep inside of her. He held it there and looked at her cum splattered face and tits and then he started fucking her. He held onto her short legs and folded her while he plowed into her. She didn’t stop begging. She was too well trained. She knew it wasn’t about what she was feeling. She wanted nothing more than for Rob to come inside of her or on her or in her mouth or maybe between her tits. She only thought of that during the day. It occupied her mind when she woke up and it was the last thing she imagined before her eyes closed before bed.

But this time Rob could last. He had just came not long before so he used this time to enjoy her. He slid in and out of her and he could see the look on her face. He could hear their bodies crashing together. He knew that he owned her. He knew that she lived just to be a toy for him. But he also loved her. He also loved bringing her pleasure. It boosted his ego and it made him appreciate her body even more. He told her to come for him and she did. She released all over his cock and she felt her chasm pulsate when he took himself out of her. She looked up at him and stared into his eyes as he jerked himself to completion in her mouth again. She kept her lips parted wide and they each were lost in the other’s gaze as Rob emptied himself one more time into her mouth. He stroked her cheek after he finished, and Natalie swallowed it all before pushing the rest of the spunk that he left on her chin between her lips so it too could be consumed.




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