They Own Me Now #2 is now available!

More retailers coming soon!

Mandy has been tamed, trained, and collared. Now that she is ready, it’s time for her to go out and use new found skills to entertain whoever she is instructed to.

Natalie and Jenny are two successful business women. They have money, an expensive house with a two car garage, and everything they could ever ask for. But their marriage has been lacking the spark that it used to.

When Mandy is introduced into the mix, it becomes clear that both women have found what they have been looking for: a SUBMISSIVE PET who will do exactly WHAT SHE IS TOLD. But when things begin to change within their own relationship, will Jenny and Natalie be able to adapt to their new lives, lives filled with both finding what they always wanted with one another? Also, will they both be able to slip into their new roles with one another? Will they finally give into their dominance, and submission, that Mandy introduces into their household?




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