Filthy Flash Fiction #5

I love when you finish inside of me or on top of my tits or stomach and you nudge yourself up towards my mouth. You can straddle me or come to the side of me and present your cock right to my face. I love cleaning it. Even if there is some of my cum and your cum mixed together. I first put it directly into my mouth and take it down as far as it goes and then when I spit it back out I lick the sides, the bottom, the top, and every little millimeter I can wrap my lips or tongue around.

I always think back to that one time… You had just finished inside of me like I had asked you to. You shot a nice, hot rope of your spunk deep within my walls and I laughed while you made the most adorable O-face above me. That’s when I took your staff and jerked it while keeping your balls in my mouth. I ran my tongue down the grooves of your sack and then placed each one in my mouth before moving back and forth between the two of them. You stayed hard too! So hard! I could feel your heartbeat through your manhood and the fact that you stayed ready and willing just drove me wild.

But the best part… The best part of all was when you came again. Not as strong or with as much volume as before, but I saw your face change and I grinned from ear to ear and then placed your balls back in my mouth and jerked as fast as I could and then I felt the second load of that evening pour onto my face, and I licked up allllll I could and laughed the whole time while doing it…




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