Thursday Evening Sports Ball

Allison was running late. The Uber that she had ordered took a weird route and they ended up getting stuck in a construction zone. By the time he had turned around and gotten on the right track, she was already about twenty minutes late. She felt bad, as she knew that parties often had to hold off on starting until she showed up. But there wasn’t anything she could do. The driver apologized incessantly, but she decided that he would still get a low rating so that she would never have to worry about him taking her to another party again.

She thanked the guy as she got out of the car, and after checking her purse and making sure that she had everything still inside of it, she trotted up to the front porch and paused before she knocked on the door.

She began to look at herself in the front-facing camera of her phone. She smiled wide and made sure that there was no lipstick on her teeth. She looked at the top of her head, and she made sure that every red blade of hair was where it needed to be. She made sure her makeup matched the shade of green of her eyes. She checked her dress and made sure that it was tight in all the right places. Once she was sure that she looked presentable, she knocked on the door and put her phone back into her purse.

She waited a half minute and then the door swung open. A man with a light buzz and a drink in his hand stood there. He looked Allison over and smiled when his gaze got back to her face.

“You’re late,” the man said. “What happened?”

“Sorry, my driver got me lost on the way. I am usually punctual. I swear, I can make it up to you guys…”

The man grinned. Allison did find him attractive. He was a bit taller than her, with a full, black beard. He wore wire rim glasses and he smelled like beer.

“Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you make up for that lost time.”

He grabbed Allison by the arm and led her into the living room. There were four other guys there. Two looked older than the rest with the other two in their mid-30s, with dad bods and casual wear as far as the eye could see. To Allison’s surprise, there was another woman there too. She was around Allison’s age, but she was dark haired, with a small chest and a big, round bottom. She was between three of the guys. She had one of their cocks in her pussy, and another in her mouth. She also had one more in her hand, and she was servicing all of them as they sat in front of a big TV and watched the football game that was on that night.

“Man, I need to win my fantasy game this week,” the one in her snatch said. He was a tall black man, with a close cropped haircut and only a mustache on his face.

“Not going well this season, I take it?” The man in the woman’s mouth said. He was one of the older ones. He had silver hair and no clothing on at all.

“Not at all. I’m getting fucked up. If this week starts off strong, then I think I may have a chance. The guy I’m playing against doesn’t know shit.”

“Well then you better win it.”

They both laughed in agreement.

Allison felt the man who led her inside begin to pull up her dress. The two other men who were free began to surround her. They all had their eyes on the screen as their paws began to feel up the new woman who had just walked into the house. Allison felt their warm hands against her body and she let herself go, appreciating the feeling of her tits and ass being massaged as the men all continued watching the game.

Allison looked back over at the woman who was there before she was and they locked eyes again. She wanted to speak to her, but the woman still had her mouth stuffed with cock. Allison felt a push on her shoulders, and then she too had her mouth filled up with one. That one stayed in her couple of seconds before it was taken out and replaced by another one. Then the third one came into play.

Allison had placed an ad on a service listings page. The ad was like many that were placed on that same webpage. She wanted to allow her body to be used by willing and wanting individuals. She wasn’t the only one who did this sort of thing, but she had never come across another woman like this before. These men were a bit greedy, but she didn’t mind. There were enough of them where she knew she would be getting attention regardless of the other woman being there. Each of them were groping and fucking her, with their cocks going in a carosel while she used her free hands on the ones that weren’t in her throat or pussy.

Whenever someone would score or turn the ball over, they would stop, and cheer or boo, depending on how they felt about the game, and then they went back to doing things to the women. They passed them around and chatted about work, their families, other games that had passed or were coming up, and other women they had brought to their games. They described things they did to other women as they stuck their staff wherever they could. The two accepted them and kept their bodies busy while the boys all continued to watch the game. Eventually, Allison was on top of one of them where she was close enough to introduce herself to the other woman.

“Becky,” the woman said. She couldn’t chit chat as long as Allison wanted right then. After answering the greeting, a man with blue eyes and bleach blonde hair grabbed a hold of her and held her head while he stuck himself into her mouth and froze. Another man climbed under Becky then, filling her pussy with his stiff shaft, freezing like the man in her mouth before hammering her as hard as he could go. After a few minutes of his hard strokes, he began to shake his legs and moan before shooting a load into the young woman on his penis.

When they were placed next to one another, both on all fours and facing the same direction, they had another opportunity to chat with one another.

“Have you been doing this stuff long?” Allison asked.

“Not too long. I started it about eight months ago. I really love it! It’s a great way to blow off steam after a long week.”

“Yeah, me too. Usually, my Thursdays are pretty boring, so like, this isn’t that bad. It’s actually nice to have something to look forward to during the midweek.”

“What do you do for a living?”

β€œI work from home now. I do quality control for a company that produces educational videos.”

“Oh wow, that sounds neat! I do hair. It isn’t that bad, but things like weddings or special events like that can be a little challenging.”

Half the guys let out a cheer right then, while the other ones let out audible groans.

“Turn them to the side,” one of them said. “I want to use a mouth while I watch the game.”

The girls were turned and they exchanged a look before two men entered their mouths and began pumping their cocks in and out. The one with bleached hair and pale blue eyes pulled his staff out of Allison’s mouth and began to beat it against her face, splattering the spit around her face while she smiled and laughed at his treatment.

“What a good girl you are. You are lucky the game is so good. Otherwise, I’d give you my full attention, and make sure that you never forget this cock.”

“Who says I’ll forget it now?”

The man laughed and then inserted himself back in and rested there, letting his head lay on top of her wet, warm tongue while he looked into her eyes. That was when one of the teams intercepted the ball, and he turned towards the television again and let out a cheer.

The men would change positions and when the women’s mouths were free, they would chat about the weather or TV shows they watched or if they were planning on traveling that year. The men would continue to fuck them while they watched the game and compared stat lines for their different teams. The men discussed strategy and if the next college star quarterback would be good in the pros and the reasons why the option can’t work in the pros other than a couple of times a season.

The two-minute warning came, and the men then decided that the time was short to spend with the women, and if they were going to finish off the right way, then the stakes would have to be raised. A bottle of lubrication was produced, Allison nor Becky saw where it had come from, but the men started greasing up their poles and then Becky felt one slip inside of her asshole before she was picked up and carried over to the couch, where she was spread open for another man to enter her pussy. The same thing happened to Allison. The black man who was in front of her would pump into her for a couple of seconds and then turn his head, catch the play on the screen, and then he would turn around and continue to saw into her with gusto.

Meanwhile, the game on the screen was getting tenser by the second. The score was tied, and there was only a couple of minutes of regulation left. One team was marching down the field, converting every third down that came their way as well as managing the clock with expert precision. There were only about fifteen seconds left when the special teams unit took the field, and that was when all of the men in the room decided they wanted to finish with the girls.

The one in Allison’s pussy came. He pressed forward and she felt both of the men’s cocks mashing together inside of her while another one was lodged in her throat. The man came and pulled out and then the one that was in her mouth pulled out and pointed his head towards her forehead and let loose a massive rope that hit her right at her hairline. Becky was having one of them cover her tiny breasts with their come while another one filled up her asshole. All but one of the men came right as the ball cleared the uprights, sealing the game for the offense. The man who was leftover grabbed Allison’s cum soaked body and placed her on all fours on the floor while he entered her, pumped about four times, and then filled her anus with his seed, holding himself still while he completed.

“You seem really cool,” Allison said. “Maybe we can exchange numbers and grab a drink some time? Talk shop?”

“I would love that! You seem really cool too!”

Becky leaned forward and licked a droplet of cum from Allison’s cheek and then they smiled at one another while the men talked about what an awesome game it was and made plans to do the same thing on Sunday.




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