The Cuck Zone is now available!

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Delly and Thomas have always been good friends. Delly feels like she can share anything with him, even her most depraved fantasies. Especially if Thomas is there, watching everything unfold…

Peter is a tall, blonde STUD who meets Delly and Thomas at the bar, and after sparks fly at the bar, Delly decides to take him home. What happens that night shakes Thomas and Delly’s relationship to its core.

Thomas begins to get nervous when he realizes that Delly wants to push the envelope more, and when she finds out that Peter’s group of friends are equally as talented and endowed as he is, she decides that Thomas should be there to witness her being TAKEN BY THE BOYS! Will Thomas be able to stand the sight of his closest friend being ganged up on? And why does Thomas feel himself getting more and more excited at the thought of witnessing his friend being pleasure by as many men as she can handle?




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