The Free Use House is now available!

More retailers coming soon!

One down on his luck post-grad is going to find the gig of his life: an entire mansion to himself, with two beautiful women inside, and everything in the household FAIR GAME, especially the WOMEN!

Arthur is down on his luck. He isn’t working, he has no prospects, and he has no plans to get out of his rut. But when Arthur is offered to housesit for a rich man who lives in his town, things suddenly turn around for him, because inside the house live two women who are there solely to be USED FOR PLEASURE…

Kitty is young, flirtatious, and loves to have her fair share of PET PLAY, while Britain is responsible, sexy, and always AIMING TO PLEASE. They both inform Arthur that any man who enters their house can use them at ANY TIME HE WANTS, and Arthur takes advantage of that as best he can.

Will Arthur learn to liberate himself from societal norms, and give way to the FREE USE lifestyle? Or will the challenges of changing leave Arthur unable to cope with this fully liberated house?




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