Portal To A Free Use World is now available!


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A portal opens up in our reality, and it leads to a place where men and women CAN’T get ENOUGH OF EACH OTHER. In a world where people make love and not war, two ordinary guys find themselves unable to resist being thrown into the middle of a FREE USE WORLD!

Stanley and Kevin are two down on their luck scientists who are considered quacks for their eccentric beliefs. That is until their wild theories pay off and they discover that there are mirror worlds out there that can be accessed with a portal that the two have discovered. When Kevin enters it to try to discover what is on the other side, he doesn’t come back, and Stanley has to enter a world that is VASTLY different from the plane of existence that he is used to. This one has a population that is filled with eager and beautiful people who have their bodies available for USING at ANY TIME AND ANY PLACE!!!

What happens when you introduce two normal guys into a world where SEX IS CASUAL, where women and men PLEASURE ONE ANOTHER AT THE DROP OF A HAT, and where the two men feel FREE to enjoy themselves to their hearts’ content? Will Stanley and Kevin be able to return to their normal lives, or will they succumb to the temptations of living in a FREE USE WORLD!?

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