Filthy Flash Fiction #7: The Sperm Donor

Molly was standing behind the desk, filing her nails and waiting for new donors to come in when she saw Nancy come running around the corner.

“Molly, hurry! Come quick! It’s an emergency!”

Molly moved as quick as her heels would allow around the counter and into the hall. She followed Nancy to one of the rooms. Nancy put her hand on the doorknob and turned to Molly. Her face had an expression of sadness and fear.

“We have a donor in there who needs all the help we can get,” Nancy said.

“Why?” Molly said.

“We just can’t get him to come. No matter WHAT we do!”

Molly pushed open the door and saw them all in the room. Mary and Judy were both jerking him off, and Nancy had her hands on his balls, rubbing them in a circular motion. The man had a sullen look on his face, and when he saw Molly, he shrugged at her and shot her an anxious look.

“I don’t know what’s wrong,” the man said. “These girls are wonderful, but I’m just backed up.”

Molly reached up and fixed her nursing cap and then rolled up her sleeves. She pushed past the three of them and grabbed the cup that was on the bed next to him.

“Don’t worry girls,” Molly said, “I haven’t met a cock I haven’t been able to get off yet.”

Molly grabbed him by the base and rubbed his scrotum gently before taking him in her mouth. She took him as far down as she could. He was inserted deep into her throat and he let out a small gasp as he felt the new sensation of Molly deepthroating him.

“Whoa, that feels amazing.”

Molly looked up and smiled at him while she continued on. The others looked on and took mental notes. The man started to groan and lean backwards, and that is when Molly started going faster and faster down his shaft. She was swallowing him whole and then spitting him out and it was happening over and over again as fast as she could stand.

“Uh,” the man spit out, “that feels really… Good… Just keep…”

Molly kept at the same speed. She felt him getting close. The three others observed with wonder. What they couldn’t do for a half hour, Molly was able to accomplish within minutes. It only took a couple more seconds. The man came, and Molly pulled him out and sprayed herself in the face, on her chest, in her hair and cap. She cursed when the last of it came dripping down the side of his shaft.

“Dammit,” she muttered. “Didn’t get the cup under him in time… I guess we’ll just have to go again.”

She placed him in her mouth and started again. The man’s eyes crossed and the three watched on, observing Molly’s technique as she worked.




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