Hello again!

It’s that time of the year where we all could use a bit more money in our pockets, so I decided to do a short time offer to write some customized smut for anyone in need. Do you have a story that you are dying to read that you can’t seem to get right on paper? Do you lack the proper skills to bring your own fantasy to life? Do you enjoy supporting smaller artists who depend on the patronage of the masses in need of a hot and steamy tale? Well then you have found your woman! You can see my stories on my profile, or even on my website, If you would like to see other customs that I have done, I can also provide you with samples from them as well.


Snippet ~ 1,300 $75

Story ~ 3,000 $90

Book ~ 5,000 $150

Anything more than that must be negotiated. Contact me through PM or through email at Payments are made through CashApp, PayPal, or Stripe, with a strong preference for CashApp for clients in the US. Half of the price is expected upfront and half is paid once the work is complete and to your satisfaction. I try to be very flexible with my lengths and my turnaround time is typically under one week for longer pieces but there are instances where I have needed a few more days to complete a piece. Shorter works have a much shorter turnaround time.

Some things that I specialize in/have written before: free use, gangbangs, cuckolding, threesomes, mfm, mmf, mm, ff, group sex, vanilla, PI, mind control, soft femdom, and interracial pairings.

LIMITS: Scat, gore, vore, death, noncon, and anything involving children.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

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