Diary (02/21/2022)

Hey there Boppers,

I hope you all have been taking care of yourselves. I apologize for not putting more Diaries up on my website, but I have been extremely busy with a lot of different projects and due to that, it leaves little time for these updates. But since I have a bit of time today as I take a break from a commission I am working on, I wanted to talk with you guys about some things that are hopefully on the horizon, as well as what I have been up to recently besides all the writing I have been doing.

My most recent readers are probably not aware of the unfinished serial that I keep on having to put on the back burner due to different issues or projects that need finishing up, but I started plotting this thing out years ago and there have been a couple of episodes written and then nothing. This wasn’t done on purpose, but I always seemed to have it take a backseat due to needing to focus on commissions, stories for this site, as well as real-life issues and finally publishing on Amazon and Smashwords. The thing about serials is there isn’t really a great way to monetize them, at least there wasn’t back then, but now we have services like Kindle Vella, as well as my own Patreon page, which make publishing something like this a lot easier and more realistic. It isn’t that I NEED to monetize this thing, but I also feel like after putting so much work into it over the years, it would be kind of foolish to just release the entire thing for free. So I have finally come up with a plan to get things rolling:

SLUT: A Serial will be available come March 21st, 2022 and it will be exclusive to my Patreon! The first three episodes will be free, and each one after that will be available first to my highest tier patrons for three days before being available to the rest of my tiers come that Thursday. That means that new episodes will be available for select patrons Monday with Thursday being the release date for everyone else. That means that you can gain access to this story for only $1 a month! Crazy, right? I could be shooting myself in the foot here, but I feel like it will be a great way for people to support me and it won’t be something that will break the bank. While this one won’t be available on Kindle Vella, there will possibly be another series that will be placed on there, though that will take some time.

SLUT is the story about an unnamed woman who lets her sexual desires take control of her life. The first entry can already be viewed here. This has been something I have tinkered with since 2020! So I hope that you all are excited as I am for this to finally be coming out. Please feel free to pledge today, as there are other things you can enjoy in the meantime while you wait for that bad boy to drop next month!

What other things, you ask? There are more Free Use Tales coming shortly, as well as early access to my next book, which will be the third installment of They Own Me Now. The next book has Mandy being taken in by a rich, young, socialite who shares her new pet with her friends from college, and one, in particular, takes a liking to Mandy which forces her to rethink her entire trajectory in life up to that point. You know, the usual shit that I like to include in my smut. LOL. This one is a story that I am really excited to start, and with me being almost done with this commission that I am currently working on, that one is not too far away. You can get early access to my drafts as well as exclusive stories on my Patreon, so please take a peek if you haven’t already.

I have set some more goals for myself going forward, now that I have been able to accomplish some of the ones that I had before. I set a goal to publish on Amazon and Smash, and I have done that. I set a goal to make over $100 a month from writing, and I’ve done that. The next step is making over $1000 writing, and hopefully, maybe one day, be able to quit my day job and write full time. But that is far down the road, and in order to get there, I would have to have enough of you have some faith in my goals, and be able to support me. But again, like I always say, I just appreciate you all being here for the ride, and I just appreciate you taking some time out to read some of my thoughts or stories in your spare time.

As for outside of writing: I have been playing a lot of old video games and going on a lot of walks at night. Those are usually when I come up with the plot outlines to my stories and when I get home I plot out what I came up with in my notebook, so if you see me walking down the street on a dark night by myself, I am most likely fantasizing about something dirty… ❀

I hope you all are doing amazing, and I shall be seeing you all very soon.



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