They Own Me Now: The Collection #1 is now available!

More retailers coming soon!

Mandy used to hate her life. That was before THEY came for her. The mysterious women who lived next door, who transformed Mandy from a stay at home housewife into a perfect, submissive, docile PET for their own enjoyment. Now, Mandy doesn’t have to live a lie any longer. Now she is living her best life, as a live-in PET for any woman who Mistress Ivy gives her to.

Inside this collection lies three different tales of debauchery and lust, as we witness Mandy turn from her old life to her new one of servitude. She must entertain numerous women, and find her true calling: subjugation to powerful women and nothing else…

First, Mandy must learn the ins and outs of her new lifestyle. Then, she is thrust into the home of a turbulent couple, who both find themselves lusting over Mandy in different fashions. Finally, Mandy must help a younger woman to reach her true potential, but not as a submissive, but as a dominant mistress who thirsts to control and conquer others like Mandy. Will Mandy turn back to her old life, or will she give in to her primal urges of WANTING TO BE OWNED?!

This collection gathers THEY OWN ME NOW Volumes 1, 2, & 3 together for the first time!




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