The Cuckcake Next Door is now available!

More retailers coming SOON!

Bree is a young, single, and attractive cake who is about to be introduced to a very hungry couple… And they are craving a new cuckcake to have for the weekend…

Patrick and Donna Wayne have it all. They are well off, they live in an expensive house, and they still have their great looks even though they are getting up there in age. But they also share a secret… A secret that involves entertaining young, hot, and fertile women…

Bree’s parents live next door to the Waynes, and when she is asked to housesit while her parents are out of town, she expects a dull weekend of television and catching up on sleep. What she doesn’t expect is to be charmed by Patrick and Donna. When she finds herself in their backyard, with the husband pursuing her and the wife watching along the entire time, she realizes that they intend for her weekend to be anything but boring. Will Bree give in to her curiosities and desires? Will Bree be turned into the neighbor’s new cuckcake?!




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