Portal To A Free Use World The Collection #1 is now available!


A portal opens up in our reality, and it leads to a place where men and women CAN’T get ENOUGH OF EACH OTHER. In a world where people make love and not war, two ordinary guys find themselves unable to resist being thrown into the middle of a FREE USE WORLD!

This book collects the first three chapters of what we know of the FREE USE WORLD. Witness two passionate but misunderstood scientists discover a completely different reality from what we know. A place where men and women USE one another FREELY, and without so much as a hello. See five strangers be introduced to this society and learn how it feels to transition into a life of TRUE FREEDOM. Discover what it feels like to live day to day in a place where your boss and coworkers can have your body at the drop of a hat. Will these individuals be able to transition to a new life, a life of Free Use?!?!

This collection brings together Portal To A Free Use World Parts 1, 2, & 3 for the first time together in one amazing free use bundle!

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