Filthy Flash Fiction #8 Cum Guzzler

I can place the moment where it all started. My love of it. 

I was having sex with this guy in college. He was a couple of years older than me, and we had met at a party and kept each other’s number and just fuck each other wild on occasion. Usually it was when the other one was really drunk. This time I was the drunk one. 

I went to his house and we were quiet as I walked past his roommates door and when we got into the room I dropped to my knees and tugged at his basketball shorts and stuck his cock in my mouth and when his pre-cum came shooting out I felt his warmth coat my tongue and I saw his face change and that’s about the start of me loving having cum in my mouth and swallowing it.

Not too long after that we were on his bed and he had my knees pinned into my chest and he was railing me as I thought up all kinds of filthy, dirty shit that was popping up in my head. That’s when I told him. I told him that I wanted him to come directly into my mouth. He looked into my eyes and made an expression that I would never forget. It was shock and ecstasy. He placed his head right at my lips and took his shaft with two fingers and his thumb and he stroked himself until a warm and wet stream came flooding into my mouth. He placed his hand into my hair and he watched as I swallowed it down. When he was done, I kissed it and rubbed it against my face and he shivered and I realized that at that moment I was powerful.

The other day, my husband and I were also fucking. He was on top of me as well, but behind me, riding me and having his staff rub my special spot just the right way. I started telling him the same thing. I wanted him to come in my mouth. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted him to make a big mess on my face or fill my mouth so much that it spilled out. He grunted and got off me and placed himself on the side of the bed and fed me like he had done so many times before. He would always place his head right on my tongue and he would jerk and his cock would rub against my wetness over and over until I felt the warmth and the messiness and I felt the power flowing through me again.




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