Here are all of my stories collected in one place. I’ll be adding to this as I go.


The Transformation

The Reward

Laundry Day in a Freeuse World

A Cream Pie From My Son’s Best Bud

All Customers Are Satisfied!

Celebrating Homecoming Weekend With a Back to Back Creampie!

How I Discovered That I Liked Talking Dirty

Used In The Alley By A Group Of Men And Loving It

Running Through The Coeds Next Door

Built To Be Fucked

When It Finally Happens…

This Quarantine Has Turned Us All Into Perverts 

 Freeuse In The Break Room

They Turned Me Into A Cuckqueen

High Off Cock


All MINE Part 2

All To Myself

Getting To Know The New Coworkers or “I’m Your Little Whore Now”

She Does As She’s Told

Head & Breakfast

Pet Play Before the Matinee

Built 2 Be Fucked

The Mimosa Crawl

The Live-In, Free Use, Girl

When She Keeps Sucking


Deviant Forum: Kissing Cousins

Filthy Flash Fiction:

Filthy Flash Fiction #1: Freeuse Boy

Filthy Flash Fiction #2: New Record

Filthy Flash Fiction #3: A Pretty Face To Come On


I know you guys like these ones especially so they have been set aside.


Convincing Madeline That She Is A Fucking Whore

Convincing Madeline That She Is A Fucking Whore Part 2

Madeline Is A Fucking Whore For The Holiday Party

Madeline Gets A Job



Madeline Has A Book!

Training To Be USED!

Planet of the Free Use Harem !

Free Use Fest, A Free Use Collection!

The Free Use Girlfriends!

The Plant-Girl Harem!

The Free Use App!

Free to Use!


Patreon Post: When She Keeps Sucking

Patreon Post: Mindblanking the Brunch Party Part1

Sister’s Loving Hand

The Photographer

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Patreon Post: Diary (08/16/2021)