Filthy Flash Fiction #1: Freeuse Boy

I placed his cock between my tits and he let out a sigh as he sat on the edge of Carol’s bed. Carol grabbed his face and kissed him while he scooted down, laying his abdomen lower so that it was easier for me to handle him.

“Put my pussy in your mouth,” Carol said. She demanded it. She was never nice when we did this sort of thing.

He opened his mouth up and she grabbed his short hair and rammed herself into him. I put him in my mouth while I squeeze my chest around him. He let a moan escape his lips and then Carol let one escape hers.

“Yeah, that feels good. Keep humming like that.”

We had found him walking down the street. Carol and I had gone to the bar, and when she saw him, she demanded the Uber driver stop. She had to have him. That’s what she kept saying when she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the car. He was stunning. About 6 feet tall and with a nice set of abs. When we got to Carol’s she attacked him. I couldn’t help it either. He had these pretty blue eyes and I was a sucker for those.

“The hubby is gone all weekend,” Carol said. “Why don’t you stay too, Samantha? We can just use him until Sunday night and then drop him back off where we found him.”

The thought of waking up for two days straight with him was exciting, but I had so many errands I had to do in the morning.

“Maybe I can swing by tomorrow around 10 or so?”

“That’s fine. Lord knows I would still be having fun around then.”

Carol gripped him even harder and she began to shiver and moan. I knew she was coming. She did it the same way, no matter how many we picked up like this. He opened his mouth, like a good boy, and I took him down my throat right then. I felt him jerk and spasm before I felt it in my mouth. Some spilled out and landed on my breasts, he came so much. I just lapped up what I could and smiled up at Carol when she turned around.

“Sam… You already made him come? I wanted to do that first!”

“Sorry! He just got excited.”

“It doesn’t matter. Come on. Let’s take him to the dining room and we can have some wine while he gets hard again.”

She grabbed him by the hair and led him down the hall. I took a napkin from the breakfast bar and began dabbing at the spots he left on my skin before grabbing the glass from Carol and clinking glasses, toasting to our new conquest.

Running Through The Coeds Next Door

Aubrey, Mary, and Lexy were all occupied with their gadgets. It was Saturday, and everyone at school had gone back home for the winter break. Aubrey was playing a game, Mary was talking to her sister on Discord, and Lexy was taking selfies and posting them online. They didn’t hear the first knock, but after the second, much louder one, Lexy snapped her head towards the entrance.

“Are you guys expecting anyone?” Lexy asked.

Both girls shook their heads with their gazes fixed on their screens.

Lexy went and opened the door, and as soon as she did, Mrs. Clark burst through, almost knocking her over with the force that she used to enter. Mrs. Clark was the neighbor. The girls had rented a house close to campus and their parents covered the rent. Mrs. Clark was the blonde trophy wife who lived next door and drank wine while sunbathing. She had been coming over and looking through the windows the past couple of weeks. Aubrey would see her and told the others, but they said it wasn’t a big deal.

Mrs. Clark wasn’t alone either. She had brought two friends. They were older women just like her, but one was a redhead and the other had her hair dyed a shade of deep purple that matched her nails, dress, and shoes. They were all looking well to do as they had just come back from a cocktail lounge. In fact, Lexy could smell the martinis on Mrs. Clark’s breath as she burst past.

“Evening ladies,” Mrs. Clark said. She let her gaze travel over Lexy’s body. Lexy was incredible. She was built differently from the other two. Mrs. Clark always got a nerd vibe from the others. Aubrey was small and cute, but she wore these thick glasses and was always reading her Kindle or a book. Mary was also brunette, and she seemed content with always watching someone play some video games online. Mrs. Clark had been looking through their windows for long enough now, and she felt like she had a good idea about how they were.

“Oh, they are cuties,” the purple one said.

“Look at the legs on this one,” the red one said.

Red walked over to Lexy and began rubbing her hand along her exposed legs. Lexy always wore the shortest shorts while at home, Clark had observed. Today was no exception. Red started at her knee and ran her hand up until she was near her swollen lips. Lexy liked the feeling that it brought, and Red smiled when she felt the young girl’s body shivering under her touch.

“You are making me wet doing that,” Clark said. “Be careful.”

“Oh, you have always been easy to get going. Since college, remember?” Red let out a laugh before grabbing Lexy by the hair and pulling her in, kissing her while roughly sticking her middle and forefinger into her quivering pussy.

Purple walked over to Mary and stood over her while she watched as she talked.

“Oh and I guess Mom said that she is sending me some of her cookies! I am so excited! I have been fucking craving them so much lately. I got really hungry around finals. I always get hungry when I stress.”

Purple grabbed her ankles and pulled them up, sinking into the couch that Mary was sitting on while doing so. Now Mary was on her back, her legs spread and her shorts being ripped off while Mrs. Clark stood at the edge of the couch and watched.

“Oh, you have company?” Mary’s sister asked.

“Yeah. the neighbor and her friends came over. They look like they are drinking. Wanna say hi?”

Mary flipped the phone over briefly so that her sister could see the woman with purple hair now spreading her sister’s legs and lapping at her with aggressive licks. Then Mary flipped it again so that Mrs. Clark could wave as well.

“Oh, she looks like she eats pussy real good!” the sister said.

“Oh, she does! Way better than the guys on campus.”

Mary kept on talking like that, and every couple of seconds she would suck in a huge breath while Purple continued to swirl her tongue in circles around her clit.

“Fuck, now I need one,” Clark said, laughing as she walked over to Aubrey.

Aubrey looked up at her and knew what she wanted. Mrs. Clark had a look in her eyes that she would see on campus and in class. Even though Aubrey took her studies seriously, she prided herself in her ability to let others get their stresses and anxieties out while using her. She moved so that she was on all fours, her ass pointed up in the air while she continued to fuss with her controller.

“Hey,” she said meekly, darting her eyes back and forth from the game to Mrs. Clark. “I’m sorry, don’t mean to be rude. It’s just… online play, you know, can’t pause it.”

Clark didn’t say anything. She simply dropped to her knees and yanked Aubrey’s sweats off her bottom. She began to rub the nude ass that was in front of her. She let her hands play along her cheeks while slipping in close, letting her tongue stick out while she slid slowly between Aubrey’s lips. Aubrey didn’t resist or move. She just continued to click away at her game, muttering under her breath as the action began to pick up.

Red now had Lexy pinned against the wall. She was hiking her skirt up while kissing Lexy, and she could barely get her undergarments off. She felt intoxicated by the young girl. Every kiss seemed to make her pussy become more wet. The moment she got herself free of her thong, she pushed down on Lexy’s shoulders and got the blooming woman down on her knees. Then, she shoved her privates into Lexy’s mouth. Lexy opened up wide and took the older woman in. She was bald and she tasted acidic, and the coed let her body go limp while the woman began to rub herself all over her face and open mouth.

“Fuck, you are so pretty. I love to face fuck pretty girls.”

The older women let themselves go entirely right then. Mrs. Clark had been talking up the girls for hours while they drank. She had been looking in their windows and fucking herself for some time now. But she didn’t want to enter until she could show them to her friends as well. Now that the moment had arrived, she was happy that she did. Sharing was always better than hogging everything to yourself, and she felt good while she looked across the room and saw her two buddies going to town on the other two.

“Fuck, this woman is really good,” Mary said. Purple was now alternating between flicking her tongue inside of her and rubbing it slowly and forcefully against her clit. She began to sputter and curse while her sister looked on from the phone, and then she came. When Purple felt her little clam begin to gyrate and pulse against her lips, she let out a soft moan before firing her tongue off inside the girl as quick as she could.

“Oh, so cool!” Mary’s sis said.

“Fuck, it felt so good. She must eat pussy a lot.”

Purple then moved to the next girl on her mind, Aubrey, who was now gripping her controller with white knuckles, but still focused on her game. The head seemed to make her better, if anything, and she wondered if Mrs. Clark would be open to helping her get some better rankings before the weekend was over. The thought disappeared when Purple came over and bent down behind her just like Clark was. Suddenly, she felt two different women inside of her. Two pink tongues were caressing her insides, first taking turns and then both massaging her simultaneously, with their tongues twisting and fighting inside of her pussy, causing her to make a mess of both of their faces. Purple took her long clit and pressed it against both of her lips and then she let her tongue thrash against it as fast as she could. and Aubrey fucking loved it and she focused on the game even though she loved how squirmy it made her.

“Should we come over here after every cocktail meet up?” Purple asked. She moved from the clit now and lengthened her tongue and fingers down Aubrey’s quivering slit. She felt her close, and when Mrs. Clark took her fingers and began to gently rub that young woman’s clit while her friend tongue fucked she felt that tight little body freeze. Even Aubrey’s hands finally froze, and she saw the person across the way take their shot and kill her, but she didn’t care. She didn’t fucking care right then. She let them both lap at her as she began to curl up into a ball and finally enjoy it.

Mrs. Clark didn’t have enough though. She felt her pussy aching and throbbing and swollen. She looked over and Red was still using the pretty one’s face. Red had always been a very orgasmic woman and each time she looked down and Lexy looked up at her with those doe eyes she would feel herself climax. Lexy was now a mess, strings of grool hanging from her face when Red pulled away. That is when Mrs. Clark took her as well. She grabbed one of her ankles while Purple did the other one and held her bottom half in the air while she squatted over her frame, hiking up her skirt as well. She was going to fuck her like this, piledriver position, with their bits smashing and rubbing against one another’s. Lexy fucking loved it. She was using the back of her hand to scoop the cum from the red-headed woman’s sweet vagina into her own mouth, and now, Mrs. Clark was rubbing herself on her like a madwoman, not caring about the young woman, just wanting to get the release that only the girl’s body could provide.

It came a couple of minutes after. Lexy came with her, as Mrs. Clark had taken to sticking her free hand in between the two of them and helping them both get off. When Mrs. Clark was done and had felt the last throw of pleasure rip through her being, she let out a sigh and let the young girl’s body fall to the ground before laying beside her, licking her friend’s essence off the young girl’s face as she looked at the older woman in wonder.

“Come on ladies, I think we have bothered these girls enough for one night,” Mrs. Clark said. She then reached over and grabbed a handful of Lexy’s hair as she stood up. “Except this one… We are taking her home with us. We can just send her on her way in the morning.”

“Okay, yeah, sounds good!” Red said, grabbing her purse and making sure it had her phone and keys inside.

“Oh, I want to try her out too,” Purple said.

The women led Lexy out before slamming the door shut behind them. The sound of the game and Mary and her sister’s chatting filled the room again.

“Dude, those old women were intense.”

“Fucking tell me about it. I hope they come back though. That one could eat pussy like no other!”

“No fair! You always have all the fun.”

“Mom told you to go to college. Not my fault.”

And it continued on through the night.