Pet Play Before the Matinee

I was happy when Mistress Jasmine said we were going over to Mistress Joanne’s house. I had always had fun when we went over. Joanne was like my Mistress, but different in ways that are hard to explain. While Mistress Jasmine was always firm and strict with her instructions, Mistress Joanne had a softer tone that felt sweet and welcoming when I would go over.

This time was no exception. We were standing outside her front door waiting for her to answer our knock. I was wearing a French maid outfit, and it was extremely short. She commented on it as soon as she opened the door. She said, Patricia, you look so adorable in that, and I have always loved your legs, and I blushed and curtsied before Mistress yanked on my leash and I walked inside.

Besides the skirt, I was wearing long fishnets and no underwear, and Mistress Joanne was now running her hands up and down my legs and commenting on my body. She always did that as soon as I entered. Mistress Jasmine stood there and watched her friend fondle me. Her hand spread my lips and then she began rubbing my nub, pressing her nose into my neck while she did so.

“I love it when you bring your pet,” she whispered into my skin. It wasn’t directed at me, but her friend. It was as if I wasn’t even there. “I’ve always been fond of blondes and she is one of the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen. And you get to meet Shiela today. I think you will like her. I know I do.”

“You keep on going on about her. I would hope that you would have her here for me to see.”

“Oh, of course. I dressed her up and everything for you.”

I didn’t speak while they were talking. That would have been rude and out of place. But my head started to process what they were saying. Mistress Joanne had a new pet! This was exciting! My owner yanked on my chain and I began to move after her as she walked down the hall and into the sitting room.

I felt my heart skip the moment I laid eyes on her. She was stunning. She was older than me. Taller too. In fact, she was one of the tallest women I had ever encountered in real life, and her body was full of curves that made my cheeks blush when I realized how deeply I was staring into them. Her pale skin looked almost like marshmallow and her red hair was cut incredibly short. She was wearing a very revealing neglige. It barely covered her. Besides that the only other article of clothing was a pair of expensive heels. Mistress Joanne approached her and reached under her chin, bringing it up to her gaze before kissing her lightly on the lips. I felt my lips clench and my knees become weak.

“Oh, she is magnificent,” my Mistress commented. “She is older though. I would guess about ten years older than my pet.”

“What’s funny is that she hasn’t been broken in long either. I can’t imagine what caused her to realize her calling so late in life. Come, Shiela.”

The woman, Shiela, snapped her gaze to where Mistress Joanne was pointing and she scooted over on her hands and knees awkwardly. When her mistress took her seat on a beige loveseat, the pet curled up next to her feet, hugging her knees and laying her head inches from her owner’s leather shoe.

“My, Patricia, are you staring at Joanne’s pet?”

I felt my cheeks flush red. I looked up at my mistress as I addressed her.

“Yes mistress, I was. I’m sorry for staring. It’s rude.”

“Why are you staring at her?”

I felt a lump grow in my throat and fear begin to rise in my chest.

“I apologize again, my mistress. I was having selfish thoughts about my own needs. It’s silly of me.”

I bowed my head down, staring at the carpet as I said the next few words.

“I’m sorry mistress.”

“Oh, Patricia,” Mistress Joanne said. “we didn’t take offense to it. I find it flattering.”

My mistress stayed quiet for a couple more seconds. I couldn’t see what the two women were doing. I kept my gaze to the floor, hoping that I would be forgiven.

“It took a lot of bravery to admit that you were at fault like that,” my mistress said. Her voice was flat and low. “While you were selfish, it was a big girl move to fess up. You could have lied.”

She bent down and whispered into my ear when she started again.

“Let’s see how giving I am today…”

Mistress Jasmine popped up quickly and pointed to Shelia.

“New girl, get over here. Now. Move.”

Shiela looked up at Mistress Joanne first, no doubt wondering if she should be obeying another woman’s command. Her question was answered immediately.

“When Mistress says move, you move,” she told her pet.

She looked like lightning. She was quick and agile, hopping to all fours and crawling as fast as she could towards us. When she got within arm’s length, her hair was grabbed and then my mistress began to spank her, hard. Three slaps, each very hard and alternating from right to left then right again.

“I’m sorry, Mistress!”

Mistress Jasmine didn’t answer. I could hear her breathing, the air escaping and entering at a quicker pace now.

“Lay next to my pet. She wants to cuddle you. You’re her reward.”

“Yes, Mistress Jasmine.”

She crawled over to where I was kneeling and we locked eyes. I felt all the air rush out of my lungs and then she turned, her bareback on display as she laid in front of me. When she was fully on the floor, I looked up at Mistress Jasmine and I almost cried.

“Mistress Jasmine, I don’t deserve this. Thank you so much. I love you, Mistress.”

“Enjoy, my pet.” She reached towards my neck and unclapsed the leash from my collar.

I took my place behind her, wrapping my arm around her as I pressed my breasts against her. Her skin was soft and her scalp smelled of flowers. I let out a sigh as I nestled into her neck. I saw bumps begin to rise on her shoulders and arms, and I smiled into her.

“You are so pretty, Sheila,” I said. I giggled and squeezed her body. “My name is Patty.”

“Hi Patty,” she said. Her voice was small and soft. I was surprised. She pushed her ass into my body and let me sink even closer into her. I felt a bit awkward due to her being much larger, but it also felt amazing. This must be what walking on clouds feels like, I thought, as I sunk down and placed a single kiss on her neck.

“You two are so sweet,” Mistress Joanne said.

I looked up at the two women, watching us, their two pets, as we began to twist into one another on the floor. They both were staring intently, each on the edge of the couch, watching what would happen next.

She pushed harder into me. She liked the kiss, and she was inviting me for more. Her legs spread and instinctively my hand reached between then and lightly brushed her thrice before entering her roughly. She let out a small yip and I used my free hand to grab her by her short hair.

“Don’t talk,” I said. “Not until I say so.”

She went silent as I began to explore her. Her lips and clit were large and now full and swollen. I squeezed it all together lightly between my forefinger and thumb while I felt her shake in my arms. The moment I let her go I was inside of her again, pressing against the roof of her opening before exiting, alternating between the two and then mixing her long clit into the mix. She lay there and just let me. Her breathing and head movement matched what I was doing to her.

“Should I just have fun with you?” I asked her. “Should I put on a show for our Mistresses? Is that what you want? Speak.”

“Yes, have fun with me.”

“Is that what you really want?”

“Yes, I want it. I want you to put on a show for them.”

I leaned down and this time I bit her neck, holding her between my teeth as my tongue thrashed against her neck. My fingers curled inside her and my thumb found her nub and I didn’t fucking stop until I felt her release. Her pale skin was red, and she shook and thrashed.. When I let go of my bite, there was a small mark on her neck where I had latched on.

But I wasn’t done. I felt amazing. She was melting into my touch, moaning and braying loudly with each interaction. I couldn’t stop myself. I was enthralled in her body. I wanted to have my way with her all day. I wanted to finish up with her and then carry her off to bed and lay with her against my chest until the morning where I would wake her up with three fingers inside of her. She drove me insane.

I stood up then, towering over her even though she was bigger than I. I stood with both feet on each side of her head while facing her body. I dropped down and even before I could relax fully she was in me. Her tongue was magical. I sunk down further and reached over to get breasts. I began grabbing them and pinching her nipples softly as she pulled my hips down closer, using two handfuls of my dress, invading me while I looked over at my Mistress. This must be what she felt with me, I thought to myself, and my love of her only grew. She smiled while I rode her. When I came, she let out a large laugh that filled the entire room. Her friend just sat next to her, frozen in observance. When I felt the last of the waves of pleasure rush over me, I went limp against Shiela’s body, her tongue slowly lapping over me while I gathered myself.

“Bravo, little pets,” Mistress Joanne said. “I think that was the perfect start to our little movie night.”

She pointed to the space at her feet and Sheila moved from under me and took her place next to her owner, offering up her neck. Mistress Joanne retrieved a leash from her purse and clasped it onto her collar. I went back over to my Mistress, only a few feet away from her, and did the same, sharing a grin with her before she grabbed the back of my head and kissed me deeply. I sat back and waited for my next instruction while the two of them began watching their film. Every now and then, I would look over at Shiela, and I let out a soft sigh as I replayed what just happened moments before over and over again.

When It Finally Happens…

I felt foggy when Bree woke me up. I remember hearing her voice and not really recognizing what she said at first. Audible, but not clear. I took a half-second to look at my watch on the nightstand. It was 4:30 AM. I brushed back the blond curls that had fallen in front of my eyes as I looked to the side of the bed at my friend.

I had met Bree at work. We worked identical shifts, so we saw a lot of one another for the past few weeks. This particular night was a bit different than the previous ones. After our shift was over, Bree had come over to me while I cleaned the taps and wanted to know if I wanted to share a bottle with her. She pulled out a fifth of Vodka from out of her purse, her brown eyes sparkling under her blue bangs. There was a mischievous air around her while she smirked at me. I immediately said yes. Bree was the type of person who could make watching grass grow a fun time, but that wasn’t the only reason I had jumped at the chance to hang out with her.

A small reason that I hung out with Bree so much at work was due to the fact that I had been developing a crush on her over the past few weeks.

I had never really been too into women. I’ve had my curiosities, but typically a night on PornHub in the Lesbian section is enough for me to stay in my own lane and scratch those strange itches that pop up. But I would be lying if I said that Bree didn’t have some sort of hold over me. She was a lot smaller than I was. While I stood at 5’9, Bree was much smaller, once admitting that she only stood about 4’11 and weighed 120 pounds soaking wet. She was very petite, with long slim legs and breasts that were rarely encased in a bra. But she had an amazing ass that she would show off with shorts or the occasional fishnet stockings and a skirt.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and sat up in bed. I tried not to stare at her while she stood next to me. She was wearing a long black band T-Shirt. I had never heard of the band.

“I can’t sleep,” she said. There was a sweetness to her voice, but there was also something else in there that I couldn’t quite put my finger on at that time.

“Oh, yeah,” I said. I peeled back the top comforter and motioned for her to sit down on the mattress. But instead of sitting there on the edge of the bed, she climbed right into the bed next to me and wrapped herself in my blankets.

I didn’t know what to say. For one, my brain was still booting up, still processing the information rather slowly. But also, I could feel the heat rising from my loins. I was unsure what was going to happen next, but my body knew what it really wanted.

I had been flirting with Bree the entire time we had been drinking that night. I would brush past her and make a point of our bodies touching if I got up to smoke a cigarette or go to the bathroom. When we sat in the Uber together on the way back to my place she had weaved her arm into mine and began to gently stroke my forearm. That gentle little motion from her tiny hands was enough to send my head spinning.

She seemed confused when I had made a bed for her on the sofa, but I honestly didn’t know what to do. I felt too nervous right then to make any move. So she snuggled up with my guest blankets and I went to bed feeling unfulfilled, but sane.

Now Bree had thrown a huge wrench into the entire thing. I could feel the warmth of her body as she began to wrap herself tighter. I laid down on my back and began to let my mind wander.

About five minutes passed before she moved. I could feel my folds becoming slick during that time. It was like I was expecting it, but at the same time, I was telling myself that I was crazy and being way too hopeful. But when she moved, I knew I had my answer to what was going to happen that night.

Her back was facing me while she was laying there, but when she moved she scooted into my body. I felt her ass press against me and I felt a jolt of passion and lust flow through my body. Her head turned and she looked at me while not moving her butt from my side.

“Sorry, I move around a lot when sleeping sometimes. I can’t help it.”

Then, she moved her hips and slid her ass up and down my waist, causing me to let out a tiny gasp while I laid there, trying not to scream from excitement.

“It’s okay,” I said. “I don’t mind.”

“Oh? Good. I was hoping so.”

Bree was pressing her ass hard against me now. I could hear her breathing, and it was short pants mixed with tiny whimpers.

Before I knew it she was turned around and her breasts were pressing against my shoulder through her thin shirt. It was then I remembered that she rarely wore bras, and I wanted to stick my hand between my own legs and take care of myself right there in front of her. But I didn’t. I just kept on staring at the ceiling, focusing on her tits while she pressed in further.

She looked up at me and bit her lip. I let my arm wrap around her and I held her while she placed her head on my shoulder and began to breathe into my neck. She rested there and each new hot burst of air made me feel like I was going to jump out of my skin.

“Sometimes I need to cuddle to fall asleep,” she said. She sounded so fucking sexy when she said it. Like a little bird chirping in the wind. She wrapped her legs around me and then her arms. She held me tight as her body clung to mine.

Her pussy was now on me. She was rubbing it against me, letting out small gasps as her forehead pressed into my chin. I had not noticed before, but Bree wasn’t wearing any panties under her shirt either. I could feel her lips kissing my thigh as she rubbed. I grit my teeth and hugged her tighter. She picked her face up to look at me and I leaned down and we kissed and I felt my world shatter. She felt so soft and tiny in my hands when I grabbed her face. She was so pretty. The way she moaned and melted into my grasp just made it all the more erotic.

My hands were under her shirt then. I felt her nipples first in my palms, and then they were between my fingers. I rotated around them, and she whimpered in my mouth. It was equally intoxicating and addicting hearing her moan like that. She let a burst of air out into my open gap and I let out a soft growl. I had never been with someone as small as Bree, and the way that she submitted to this all was enough to almost make me come right there.

Suddenly, she was under me. I had not even thought about it, really. I simply took hold of each of her thighs and I pulled her legs around my body. Then I flipped on top of her, grinding my pelvis into her wet clam, squeezing her nipples and releasing them. Her head was swaying around, and her eyes were clenched tightly shut. I placed my forehead against hers and she opened her eyes then, looking up at me and nodding her head, telling me silently that this is what she wanted. This was what she intended from the start.

“Yeah, you fucking like this, don’t you?” I said. I had gone over this moment numerous times in my head. It never played out like this. It was always a bit more romantic. I would profess to her over a glass of wine and some Netflix, or maybe while we were out dancing in the rain. Now that it was happening, it was nothing like those situations. But that didn’t bother me. The heat between us, the fire in our eyes and the lust in our bodies, that was what felt amazing at that point. I kissed Bree and didn’t want to pull away. I pressed my weight into her soaked slit and I wanted to stay that way forever. Every tiny reaction would just drive me further along.

I reached down and slipped off my underwear. Then I unclasped my bra. Bree followed, pulling her shift off in one motion and laying back. Her pale skin was covered in different tattoos over her body. I focused on a small blue bird over her left breast, a Charles Bukowski tribute, she had told me, and I slipped my right leg over hers, scissoring her between my legs. I had only seen this in the movies, but it was something I had also fantasized about quite a bit. I first thought it would be a little awkward, but as soon as I could feel Bree between my legs, it felt like heaven. I pushed into her softly, She opened her legs a bit wider and at the same time began to pull me in closer. I ground into her harder and we both began to pant and caress one another. Her voice came squeaking out and she began to beg me to rub her harder.

And I did. I started bucking my hips forward, fucking her harder. I could feel her mound against mine, and the more weight I pushed down into her the better it felt for me, and it seemed to do the same for her.

A sound came from her throat and she started jerking against me and then I felt my eyelids begin to close and my own orgasm came then. I grabbed ahold of her hair and jerked her head back while I looked into her eyes, looking into her while I used her to come. Her face contorted and we both screamed and thrashed as it overtook us. When we both were finished I slipped to the side of her and began to kiss her while pulling her in close to my chest.

We laid there without speaking for a couple of minutes. I kept thinking she was going to say something, but then she didn’t. I thought I should speak up then, but the moment had passed and it seemed like I had missed my chance. But she kept snuggling against me, and I realized that it didn’t matter if I said anything at all and that I should just enjoy this for what it was. I pulled her in close and held her there until I finally fell asleep.