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A portal opens up in our reality, and it leads to a place where men and women CAN’T get ENOUGH OF EACH OTHER. In a world where people make love and not war, two ordinary guys find themselves unable to resist being thrown into the middle of a FREE USE WORLD!

Seven people are chosen to be acclimated into the Free Use Society, While most of them take to the rules of Free Use like fish to water, there are two women who find themselves wondering if they are cut out for a new reality where lust and debauchery reign supreme!

Stephanie is mindful of the things she has come to know about this new Free Use Worldโ€ฆ But while she does have her concerns with what the new reality will do to her, she canโ€™t help but feel the pull of using other peopleโ€™s bodies to fulfill her own needs. Will this new urge change Stephanie from who she actually is, or has she been this way the whole time? Celeste is trapped between who she thinks she should be and who she wants to be, as the allure of this existence keeps on telling her that she should give in, and when she sees a novel group activity going on in the park, she feels like she may be having a sudden change of heart, but will she be able to handle the new her? Will they both be able to handle living in a FREE USE WORLD?!

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All To Myself

I awoke sore from the night before. That only made the memory come flooding back even stronger. I left my eyes closed and hung on to that memory as hard as I could, picturing it again one more time before I had to start my day.

I kept thinking about how amazing Cameron’s cock looked the night before. A particular moment had stuck out to me: when he pulled it from Gwen’s tight little hole and it was dripping a mixture of his own cum and ours, and when it came completely out of her, I could see trails of it sticking to both his skin and hers. He held it out of her for a couple of seconds, flopping it against her already soaked clit. Then he looked over at me, and he smiled as she began to ask her to beg for it.

“Say it, you little slut,” he said. “Say that you want my cock inside of you again.”

The rest of us cheered. I was laying next to Mona with our legs both still spread for him. Natalie laid next to Gwen, her dark skin contrasting against Gwen’s pale tone. Natalie took hold of Cameron’s cock and placed it in her mouth, sucking off the mess that was there. I felt a ping of jealousy flow through my body.

“I want it back inside of me… Please!”

That’s where the fantasy ended. I couldn’t just lay there and torture myself like that. I could already feel the wetness spreading inside of my panties. I rub against my clit when I turn my body to the side, and due to Gwen and Natalie being on either side of me, I can’t help but feel trapped, unable to touch myself without waking either of them up.

I slowly slid off the bed and when I feel my feet touch the carpet, I overlook the bed to make sure that no one is stirring. Everyone seems frozen as they were, and when I look over at the clock, the green text tells me that it is only 4:47 AM, well before the rest of the house is used to waking up. That is when I made my way over to your side of the bed.

You always slept on the end. You would tell us that the reason behind that was that you liked to get up in the morning and be able to look over all of us as we slept without having to crawl over the rest of us. I can now say that I agree with that statement. Looking over all of you then, it made my heart begin to beat hard against my chest. I took in the sight and slowly began to slide my fingers across my clit, drawing half circles as I reached through my waistline of the panties that I was wearing and grabbed a hold of myself between my thumb and forefinger, rolling my little nub between them while I looked over your sleeping frame.

I then began to fold back the sheets and blankets. You always slept nude, so when I pulled back enough, I could see your perfect body and your wonderful cock resting peacefully in the light that mixed from the moon and the clock radio. It didn’t take long before my hand was moving across it, first starting at your flat tummy and before it traveled down to his cock, gripping the base of it while holding it out in front of your body. I squeezed it gently, and I then felt the blood begin to pump inside of it, hardening in my palm while I slowly let it glide across your shaft.

The other girls didn’t stir. They had been too tired from the night before. After a couple of beers with our dinner, Cameron had seemed extra attentive to all of our needs. I couldn’t remember the last time I had heard Natalie get that loud. I remembered how she almost squeaked when he was fucking her from behind. He pulled on her hair while staying frozen in her, his cock buried deep, and his fist full of her dark hair. I was so caught in the moment then that I bent down and kissed her, and she barely responded to it, probably lost in the feeling of being filled up by Cameron’s unit.

That was when I started rubbing my face against him. I kept on allowing him to rest on my cheek momentarily before rolling my face so that his member brushed against my nose/eyes/lips before slowly going over to the other side, where I took in the feeling of him on the other cheek.

Before long I couldn’t take it anymore. I put Cameron between my lips and slid down his shaft. His cock was only half-hard, so I had to use a lot of spit to get a good motion going. He let out a soft moan through his teeth before I saw his eyes flutter open.

He looked a bit confused at first. When our eyes locked, he let out a smile as I pulled him from my mouth and began to beat him against my face. His cock was solid then, throbbing even harder than I felt him last night.

“You couldn’t wait, could you?” he asked. His voice was still quiet. “Greedy girl. What should we do with you?”

I felt his body rolling towards me, and I scooted back so that he had some room to get his feet on the floor. But I didn’t stop sucking him off. I had him in my mouth… Inside of me… I didn’t want that sensation to stop…

I felt his hand press against the back of my head and then he stepped forward a couple of steps, letting his cock invade my throat. Once he had me deep enough, he froze, stopping his body from moving before he slowly began to slide in and out of my mouth, fucking my throat while he spilled his precum down my opening. I could faintly taste everyone he had on his penis the night before.

“That’s it… I like greedy girls.”

I kept him there, trapped inside of me. I kept feeling my eyes water up, but I didn’t care. I just stared through the tears as they welled up and I kept my Master’s cock right where it belonged, in my throat, cutting off my airflow as long as he needed it to. He slowly slid it out, and I gasped and moaned softly, wanting it to go right back where it was before.

“No, not this time,” he said. “This time, I want to fill you up with cum in a different place.”

Before I could respond, he was grabbing my hair and placing me on all fours. His hands came around the back of my neck and he held me so that my face was pressed with my left cheek rubbing against the carpet. He stroked his cock twice, spreading the spit over his sword before pressing into me. He wasn’t gentle or nice. He felt my hole envelop his helmet and then immediately started fucking me. I bit my lip and did my best to keep myself quiet, as not to wake the girls, but before I knew it, I heard his voice in my ear, taunting me for more.

“No, greedy girl… You wanted this, right? You wanted to have me all to yourself. Show the other girls how much you wanted it.”

I feel his hand come down over my ass, and I let out a small yip. He rubs the spot where he just smacked for a split second before holding me still and ravaging me. The wet slaps from our privates converging now filled the air, and I heard the girls start to stir on the bed.

After a couple of more minutes, my pussy is completely soaked and I am looking up at the others while they peak over the bed.

“Look, Cam is really giving it to her.”

“Yes, she asked for it. She woke up and placed my cock in her mouth… She didn’t even offer it to you girls.”

“Oh, she is such a greedy slut…”

“Fuck her harder, Master. That’s all she’s good for. Look how she acts when no one is watching.”

“Yes, fuck her!”

“Fuck her harder!”

And they all began to cheer him on then. He obliged, fucking me until I began to come all over his cock, screaming out at the top of my lungs. Then, he buried his meat deep into my pussy before pumping out the biggest load I have ever felt inside of me. I felt its warmth at first hit my innermost regions before dripping out around his shaft and down onto his thighs where it coated both of us.